Instagram Tips for Personal Trainer

Instagram Tips for Personal Trainer Page

Since Instagram is a visual platform, it is perfect for the personal training industry, as you can show your training and results effectively. And you don’t need any social media marketing agency or a Personal Trainer Mobile App to handle Instagram.  Just browse through these tips:

Plan everything

The first thing you need to plan out is the ‘Why?’ of Instagram. Why are you there? What is the purpose of your posting? Is it for brand awareness, for direct interaction to clients, for attracting more people? Get these answers.

Make Your Photos Eye-Catching

Take some time to edit and fine-tune the details of a picture. Use your phone’s editing tools or even Instagram filters.

Use Hashtags

According to research, more than 11 hashtags get great engagement. You can even use 25 if you want but make sure they are relevant. Track your hashtags and keep testing them.

Create Your Personality

In the beginning, to stay memorable and relevant, post frequently and consistently.

Schedule your posts and make a routine. Interact with your followers, reply to messages, and market your hashtag.

Make Use of Your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are fabulous. It lets you post pictures, videos, and even text on your account that your followers can view for 24 hrs.


These are just a glance at the 5 ways to create your Instagram page. We have gone in-depth into these and mentioned lots of tips and hacks that you can read here. These are all tips you can do yourself without spending money on a personal trainer app development agency.


Instagram Tips for Personal Trainer Page

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