How to show your business different from competitors?

For a business, the market is always in a rat race. With many other competitors, the struggle is always tough. The efforts to catch the attention of the customers intensify with every passing year. Despite the regular investment of money and hard work, sometimes, it becomes difficult to win the actual profit.

Do you have a business too? If yes, you can surely understand how problematic it is to survive. Until you are not an industry giant, the journey is always full of bumpy roads. You know what, if you really want to play safe it is necessary to be different and that difference should come in the notice.

Here are some of the ways that you can try to show your business uncommon.

Never exaggerate or show the product as a utopia


Do you remember the saying – Excess of everything is bad? Same is applicable in the business world. People want to know about the actual utility of a product. Yes, emotions and glossy pictures drive them but in the end, they want the product according to their expectations.

When you create hype, people start expecting a larger than life experience. When they do not get what you told, their hopes get shattered and you can lose their trust. Stay rational and give the exact logic behind the usefulness of the product.

If you are selling air purifiers, do not tell people that they will become immortal. Tell them how it can be beneficial for their health.

Something, which is not relatable, cannot survive for long. Communicate the actual role of the offered product and explain how it can make lives better.

Help people feel their actual worth when others make them feel bad

Always keep the perspective positive and tell people how to fight against the wrong perceptions.


Situation #1 You advertise confidently how your beauty cream can bring happiness to those who are black. They do not get a job, a good life partner or fail in a beauty show because they are not fair. With your product, you can make them live with respect.

Situation #2 – You tell people that the beauty cream will bring shine on their skin whether they have a black or fair complexion. They are beautiful no matter what colour they have.

The second idea has more chances to get popular because it accepts people with their actual identity. When you help people realise their actual strength they feel attracted to your product.

Give solutions and not promises

The world is filled with countless problems. Your service or product should be the solution to one of those issues.

Example – Finance companies talk about a better, brighter financial future. But, that should not be as fake as a dream. Give them precise and realistic solutions.  If you tell the poor credit scorers that, you offer bad credit loans with additional features then make it happen.

If you commit that the loans come with no guarantor obligation and no credit check, they should be there in ACTUALITY. Every poor credit scorer wants to get rid of a bad credit situation. If your financial products can do that, for sure customers will come in abundance.

When most of the other competitors are making just big promises, you can be different by staying honest with your words. The businesses that facilitate a fight against the problems naturally make a different image in the market. They always get the attention of the clients and customers.


The above suggestions show how you can be different in your approach and appearance. To stand strong in the crowd of competitors, it is necessary to be unique. Different things always come in the notice and for a business, it is necessary to bring that difference in a positive manner.