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End Time Message – William Marrion Branham

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End Time Message – William Marrion Branham

William Marrion Branham is the End Time Elijah who revealed the Seven churches of Revelation are the Seven Messengers of God and their Church Ages from the Bible

Modern Events Are Made Clear By Prophecy

San Bernardino, California, USA



Let’s bow our heads. Dear Heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight because that You answer prayer for us. This poor dear woman laying there, where surgery has failed. But, O God, we remember the first surgery was ever performed in the earth, You did it Yourself. You taken from the side of Adam, a rib, closed up the incision, and made a wife. O Father, I pray tonight that Your hand will come down now and will perform this great thing that we’re asking for. And these others, Lord, this woman that’s suffering with mental oppression, all others who’s got requests, we just commit them to Thee, Father, with our whole heart. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Indeed a privilege to be here tonight and have this fine audience to look at and fine singing, the wonderful little choir. I was just thinking the difference, seeing them boys standing there, clean-looking fellows, clean haircuts. I was thinking, last night, of the place where I’m staying; a bunch of hoodlums came in down there and trying to drown a boy in the swimming pool; they had to call out something and get them out of there. What a difference, see kids standing, singing the Gospel songs; what a difference.

Thinking, as Brother Henry said there, “Those men with them hair like the women should have,” you see. That’s right. Look like…. I see these boys trying … have that hair, even put these roller-curlers in it, around their face. I don’t know, sometimes I become discouraged. It looks like it’s a true … a time of perversion. Men are trying to wear women’s clothes, and women wearing men’s clothes. And men leaving their hair like women, and women having hair like men. What’s the matter with this people, anyhow? Has, really, the very threads of decency and honor left this nation and these people, this world?

This is a horrible time, but it’s the most glorious time in the world to preach the Gospel. If I could’ve stood on the brink of time before it become into existence, and the Father would have looked at me, and said, “What time down through these ages would you want to preach?” I’d want it right now. Right now, just before His coming.

Looking out upon the audience, sitting here before us…. A minister friend of mine, in Tucson yesterday, was riding a horse. (Thinking of this man with the … this woman with the disc in her back.) This horse threw him. Another man called me at one o’clock this morning, to my hotel, and said, “The man’s at Veterans Hospital, his eyes are glassy, his back’s mashed, his kidneys are pushed out, and his heart’s about to fail.” And there I got down on the floor, on my knees; telephone, got him on the other end, and prayed for him. And here he sits here tonight, sitting right here. That was last night. Bob, would you just stand up there? God answers prayer, morning, night, noontime, midnight, or anytime.


Now, I am such a long-winded preacher, as they call it. I just kind of hate to get started this time of night, and I thought I’d just come over. The other night, why, we was speaking over here at a certain place, and fifteen minutes after I had been on, the people was picking up the dishes and motioning to me, “Quit! Shut up, you got to get out of here,” smoking cigarettes, and carrying on. It wasn’t the banquet’s fault, it was the people that we had it rented from. And the chairman’s wife went around and told the manager, said….

Said, “You’re supposed to be out of here at 9:30.”
Said, “You never put that in the contract.”
This lady, tonight, she come down here (real nice lady) and she said, “We understood that you want it,” said, “just take it as long as you want.” So that’s very nice. So I’m very thankful for that. That’s very fine.

Brother Henry, I certainly appreciate your kindness of inviting me here, in this chapter.

I had the privilege last night of being down here at the Assemblies of God where I believe a Brother Boone is pastor. Had a wonderful time down there with that group of people. And tomorrow night we’re going somewhere over here (I don’t know where it’s at), and it’s another chapter. They take care of it; I just keep praying, reading, and going on, and it’s about all I can keep up with.

But, now, we’re seeing strange things in this day. Now I remember the last time I was here it was in a tent meeting. I remember speaking of it last night, of a little couple that brought their dead baby in. It’s up somewhere up here, they drove all day and night. The little mother sitting, sad, holding that little baby in her arms. Now, she may be sitting right here now, for all I know. And the little husband, couple of more couples with them, and they was…. And she said … asked me if I’d come over (the man did) to the car. I took the little baby out and was just holding it; a little, dead, stiff, cold form. I started to pray. And when I prayed, that body begin to feel like it was getting warm. So I just … I kept on praying. It just started kicking and moving, going on, so I…. It started crying. I handed it back to the mother, she went on back home with it. So, they might not even have been Christians, for all I know, see. That was wonderful.


But what I’m thinking about, tonight, I know a church that’s dying, too: It’s our Pentecostal people. We got to shake out of this, that’s all. And the only way you’re going to do it is prayer and lining up with the Word of God. It’s the only way we’re going to do it. There’s only one way out, He’s that way, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Would we want our church to get in the condition as he said over there, like in England? That’s the reason I’ve been, you think, so rude, bawling you out. And I don’t mean to do that, but I don’t want to see the church get in that kind of a shape. You don’t want to be in that shape. You’ve just got to drive it down so hard till you nail it and make it clench. It’s got to be done.

So now, tonight, I’ve just got some Scriptures and text here I want to speak on for a while. I ain’t going to say no certain time. You get tired, why I may be through in thirty minutes, and it just depends on…. I always just kind of leave it to the Holy Spirit, just whichever way He leads.