4 Perks Of Accepting Mobile Payments At Trade Shows

Not everyone knows but trade show presence is a direct way to grow the business. How? Well, conventions, trade shows and conferences are the events to create healthy relationships with valuable customers. Besides, they help to network with colleagues and close more sales. But when the concern is grabbing attention of target customers, what to do? What could be done to stand apart from the competitors? How to close the deals at the show? Though there are many ways to do so, one of the best solution is opting for total merchant services in the form of mobile point of sale (POS) system.

Read below to discover 4 amazing benefits of integrating mobile payments in trade show booth.

1. More sales

As per CEIR or Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 81% of the trade show attendees are interested in buying. Hence, when they are at the booth, giving them opportunity to buy is a smart move towards closing sales. It is worth to know that popular payment options include point of sale systems that turn a phone or tablet into a credit card reader. So, why such options are favored? Because they close sales quickly and seamlessly. When customers are able to make the purchase swiftly; shorter lines, more sales and satisfied customers are guaranteed.

2. Attracting attention of attendees

When the staff has a mobile point of sales system to email the receipts to customers, they have golden opportunity to pull consumers for email updates, offers and discounts. According to the conducted researches, among every 10 small retailers, 8 have confessed that email marketing helps to drive customer acquisition as well as retention, as compared to other marketing techniques.

Mobile payment provides the right path to market to the trade show buyers and close the sales after the trade show is done. One worthy suggestion here is asking the staff to interact with customers and compelling them to opt into the email list. Not to forget, ‘opt-in’ check box has to be there as a crucial component of the mobile payment process.

3. Data security

Beauty of best merchant service provider is that they offer solutions that are easy and spontaneous. However, one more thing they ensure is security. Coming back to the trade shows scenario, nothing could be worse than leaking information of customers. When payments are accepted through mobile POS, personal details of customers are protected.

4. Quick & proficient payment

Mobile payments facilitate direct transfer of funds into the bank account in less than 48 hours. Also, record of payment made by customer is kept. What else? More time to follow up with leads and new customers is generated.

With these amazing perks to grab, start with mobile payment solutions now.

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