2014 Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition

Porsche has never been one to shy away from offering a special edition of any of their cars, and that goes double for the 911. It seems as though virtually every few months some new, ultra-limited variant of the GT3, GT2 or Turbo comes splashing into the news feeds and headlines of every German car enthusiast. But occasionally, Porsche does have something important to commemorate, and when it came to 2014 they had a particularly impressive opportunity.

50th anniversary of the Porsche 911

2014 marked the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911, a car so entrenched in the ethos of sporting automobiles that it’s the mechanical equivalent of the Queen of England. Sure, the 911 hasn’t always been the best, brightest or fastest – but, it’s seemingly always been there and often it has been superlative. So to celebrate 50 years of production, Porsche introduced a very beautiful and pure example of the 911, devoid of the flash and spoilers that often catch headlines.

Subtle was the key to the 911 50th. It was rear-drive, yet had a wide-body from the Carrera 4S. It was lowered 10mm like the GTS and had different black/chrome accents both front and rear. It wore a variation on the theme of the 2010 Sport Classic’s Fuchs-inspired wheels, here with a machined with black accent finish. Inside a choice of special houndstooth or tartan on the seats, with original 901-inspired gauges and the choice between the excellent PDK dual-clutch 7-speed or a 7-speed manual. Porsche’s Powerkit bumped power up to 430 for good measure, and the outside was draped in Graphite Gray Metallic or the even more gorgeous Geyser Grey Metallic seen here. Toyota Hackensack Industry is growing very fast and people are liking it.

Special edition Porsche

As normal fair in the special edition Porsche market, the 911-50 was quite a bit more than a standard 911 when new – about a $26,000 premium in all over a Carrera S. That premium usually carries over to the used market, too, where limited variants of the 911 weigh in more heavily. Like the recent GT3 Touring, one of the special things about the 911-50 is its lack of wild appendages and shocking colors. It’s simply beautiful design and a pure representation of the heritage of the 911 brand. There are nods to the past, but it’s not a full retro mobile. And, of course, like most modern 911s it’s really the class of the field. Check out the latest collection used cars for sale in South Hackensack NJ

This example appears to be well documented and nearly perfect, with lower mileage and in the right color combination. The seller’s extensive photo gallery shows the very few small imperfections present. As a bonus, the car still carries the balance of the warranty, too. This is the perfect collector-grade 911 to pick up, drive sparingly and feel special all the time in, and history has shown it should retain value better than other models in the range. As it’ll be another 20 year stretch until the 911’s next really big anniversary, this might just be the right car to enjoy in the waiting period.