What type of packaging would suite to your lotion?

According to a research in 2013 women use $ 2000 on face and body lotions. Lotion also termed as moisturizer also,  lotion is a beauty product that is basically use to heal dry or broken skin and turn that damage skin into new soft skin. This is usually used on foots, hands and on full body. The lotion that is used on hand is known as hand lotion and the lotion that is used on body is known as body lotion.

Lotion boxes are more important than the lotion inside the box in marketing purposes, because packaging attracts to the senses of the customers it speaks to the eyes and make an image about the product into the mind of the customer. Unique and innovative designs of boxes are introduce in order to flourish the glamour of the product, and help to attract the customers.

What customization adds to your product?

If you are dealing in cosmetic business than you definitely required appealing and customize boxes for your products, customize lotion boxes are available in favored  sizes, colors, designs and styles at Premium Boxes. Do you require packaging that attain your product at branding and make you able to stand out in competitive cosmetic industry? Don’t consider it a herculean task, this would be outcome of only personalization, customization and full fledge trendy marketing branding strategy.

In case of cosmetics one essential requisite is to print date of expiry on the boxes, as lotions are typically use for skin, expired lotion can damage your skin. Skin of kids and babies are naturally very sensitive and reactions can take place if expired lotion is applied on their skin. Placing expiry date in top, visible position for instant customer awareness is only possible through customize packaging solution.

Features that make lotion packaging different from other packaging solutions:

Most of the time, out come state of lotions are liquid state, I am sure you already known liquid lotions and all other products, they require a specific temperature and environment friendly and self-cooling packaging is look like the only solution that constitute inner temperature stable and constant. Laminated coated carton or boxes have an out of ordinary feature to reflect UV and sunlight rays, this helps in sustaining inner temperature also, because sunlight is the most effecting element in nature for cosmetics. Packaging engineers have proudly invented temperature controlled, self-cooling and UV protected materials for your cosmetics boxes, especially for lotions.

All most every customer considers the information that is printed on the lotion box while they are choosing product, because there are many options available in market. Place all necessary information on the boxes that sprouting your sale as will it would create goodwill of your company.

The boxes for lotion are mainly made up of cardboard material. Lotion is actually a liquid product so it must be packed into leak-proof packaging.

Cardboard lotion boxes:

Cardboard is a paper type material, by and large it contain many types of different materials. There is an array of sizes and thickness that is available in cardboards. Different cardboard sizes are available according to customer choice. Its surface is smooth. Laminated cardboard protect product inside from sunlight and UV rays.

Window lotion boxes:

These boxes contains transparent sheet on one side of the box these transparent sheets enhance the beauty of the boxes. Window boxes are mainly use for display lotions on counters or shelves to gain the attraction of the customers and increase impulse buying of the product.

Lotion gift boxes:

Lotion is also used to gift to your friend and family members on many different occasion and events. All and sundry knows the value of presentation of gifts, lotion gift boxes are especially designed boxes for the purpose of gifts. Gift boxes are decorated with ribbons which make them more presentable.

Luxury lotion boxes:

Luxury lotion boxes as the word luxury indicate the high-quality of the boxes. These high-quality boxes are especially designed to enhance the glamour of the product, and to make the product more eye-catching. These boxes not only enhance the beauty of the product but also add the essence of lavishness to the product inside.