Some Facts About Temporomandibular Disorder

Treating the temporomandibular disorder through physical therapy is the most effective way to t get away from this discomfort and pain. The physical therapist will try to analyze the jaw movement and help you in relaxing your muscles of the head and neck region first, a physical therapist and his team will try to evaluate what is the condition of your thoracic spine and neck and jaw then the will proceed further. If you want to cure this disorder through a physical therapist, then you just have to Google physical therapy near me.

What are Temporomandibular joints (TMJ)?

They are mainly two joints that connect the jaw to your skull. If we explain more appropriately that rotate and slide in front of each ear and consist of temporal bone and mandible (lower jaw). They are the most complex type of joints in the body. These joints help the lower jaw to move up and down, forward and backward, and side to side movement.

If these joints are properly aligned without any problem, then muscles actions functions smoothly like talking, yawning, chewing can be done easily. When all these structures like the jawbone, lower jaw, ligaments, and muscles are not aligned properly and not synchronized, and then you will have to face various problems.

Some physical exercises that will help cure this disorder

  1. First, you have to place your thumb under your chin and lower your jaw with little pressure provided by a thumb. You should open your mouth for five seconds then close it. This simple exercise should be done five to six times.
  2. Place the tip of your finger on the bottom of your teeth and then push it down gently and then push up your jaw gently upwards.