How to Keep Your Kids Safe in Playgrounds

Every parent must actively keep an eye on their children in the playground. It won’t be difficult – they still bother you by watching them as they climb, jump, and swing.

Check out the playgrounds where your kids play. Look for hazards such as rusted or damaged stands and hazardous surfaces. Report any hazards to the school or local authority that the playground sorts.

Teach children that pushing, hiding or jumping on the playground can be dangerous.
Dress them appropriately for the playground. Remove necklaces, handbags, scarves, or running nails clothing that can stick to the play cords and strangle the baby. Even helmets can be dangerous on the playground, so ride them on the bikes.

Young children play differently than big children. It is important that suckling children have a separate playground and especially for children under five. Make sure children use playgrounds that match their age. Choose the right play area based on your child’s age. There must be well-maintained separate play areas for children under five.

For children learning to walk, the play area should have surfaces that are smooth and easy to walk on. If your child is reasonably good at lifting his head and can stand up with support (usually around 9 months of age), try the baby cheeks (bucket shape).

Make sure there are safe surfaces under and around the leg stands, avoiding playgrounds with non-shock absorbing surfaces such as asphalt, cement, grass, soil or gravel.

Recommended surface materials include: sand, bead stones, wood shavings, bedding materials and rubber baths. Rubber mats, synthetic grass and other artificial materials are also safe surfaces and require less maintenance.

The surface material must be at least 36 cm deep and extend at least 2 meters in all directions around the leg supports. Depending on the height of the stand, the surface may need to go longer than 2 meters.

For swings, make sure that the front and back surfaces extend twice as long as the rock is high. So if the top of the cradle stand is 3 feet high, the surface should reach 3 feet.

Ensure that 메이저놀이터 are inspected and maintained by qualified persons

Check out the school and kindergarten to make sure they have old-fashioned playgrounds with well-maintained playgrounds.

If there is danger in public playgrounds or playgrounds in the background, report immediately and do not allow children to use the equipment until it is safe.