Best iPhone XR cases 2020

When the iPhone XR launched, its defining feature was that – despite the high price, it was a ‘cheap’ phone. But, just like any major handset, the IPhone XR is a slippery beast, because of aircraft-grade aluminum structure.
After that, most people will want to snag their expensive purchases, and fortunately there is a good selection of options for IPhone XR Case. These are products we don’t have in our test labs, but according to our expert opinion and information about the most famous brands around them, we think they are worth seeing and you would like to purchase.
1. Mous Limitless 2.0 Iphone XR Case
While many cases only cover plastic, some first go the extra mile to give the first impression a positive – enter the Mouse Unlimited Lace 2.0 iPhone XR case. This is a rugged option that offers a number of different styled back panels. They range from ‘real shell’ to leather, but we especially like bamboo.

Containing a variety of air cushion technologies to protect you from the effects, it’s a solid and functional cover at very reasonable prices.

2. OtterBox XR Cases
Otter Box is a veteran case manufacturer which has built a name for itself for its protective designs. They offer a number of cases for the iPhone XR. The Statement Series Case comes in two color options with leather, and has a small leather upper with. The statement series case certified drop + protection and is scratch resistant.
3. Speck iphone XR Cases
Speck has several iPhone XR case options including the Gemshell case that offers clear, slim protection. It has a dual-layer perimeter for protection against drops, while the clear back shows off the XR’s design.
Candy shell Iphone XR case made of a thin and light but durable polycarbonate, it also comes in different colors, whether it matches your iPhone or otherwise.
All of this makes the Speck Candy shell a strong choice for relatively modest emissions, for those who are not very interested in Flash but who still want something specific.
4. Gear4 iPhone XR Cases
The Gear4 Victoria cases for iPhone XR are aimed at owners who want their phones protected by military-grade materials. These cases are made from D30, which Gear4 claims is used in military gear, industrial wear and athletic equipment.
The Gear 4 Victoria iPhone XR case for the iPhone XR is aimed at owners who want to protect their phones from military-grade material. These cases are made up of D30s, which are claimed by Gear 4 used in military gear, industrial wear and athletic equipment.
Gear 4 Wembley iPhone XR case has this D30 material at its corners along with polycarbonate glass to offer 8-foot drop protection, while the Platoon case has far more of the advanced material to protect your phone from drops up to 20 feet.
5. Nodus
Nodes Shell offers two types of cases for the iPhone XR in Case II and Axis Case III. Both have a built-in hidden magnet that is compatible with Nodes Micro Dock III, which allows users to call their phone anywhere. Both the access and shell cases are also compatible with wireless charging and both are made of leather with a soft micro fiber layer.