A drug-free workplace is important to everyone


A drug-free workplace should be high on everyone’s priority list of what to look for in a work environment. The reasons for this are many and include things like worker safety, job production efficiency, and an increase in employee morale.

Since drugs are generally rich in chemical anti-nerve agents that deactivate certain nerve endings, drug users will get a random dizzy or fuzzy feeling. Some people call it “high” or “high”. It is very common to see people who lead stressed, frustrated and devastated lives as drug users. This is due to the escape from the reality they seek. Some people also start taking drug free in the name of being cool, stylish, or as a sign of luxury because most drugs cost a lot of money.

A bigger problem occurs when certain people decide to make drugs part of their lives as employees. Obviously, this will hinder your performance in many ways. Therefore, employees must resign themselves to maintaining a drug-free workplace when hired.

Another problem associated with drug use in the workplace is that, once consumed, the primary effects like random sensations, dizziness last only a few hours, but the hangover can last a day. Therefore, it becomes difficult for the employee to concentrate on his work due to mild but continuous symptoms such as headaches and drowsiness. Since your contribution to work is blocked, other employees related to your work are also affected. The efficiency of the respective team is hampered. In this way, the entire efficiency of the workplace is affected.

Everyone is free to live their lives in their own way, but they have no right to affect the lives of others, such as coworkers. An occasional drug user may feel like they are not hurting anyone, but what often happens is that drug use takes a serious turn when the drug habit becomes an addiction. Since addiction is a very slow process, the workplace may have already faced many awkward situations by the time someone is found to be addicted. Co-workers begin to avoid the person, which in turn causes anger and irritation and further loss of productivity.

Most employers have taken steps to protect themselves from the aforementioned problems that will arise safely in the absence of a drug-free workplace. Things like drug posters and slogans are posted everywhere. But the most prominent way to avoid drug use in the workplace is to have a clause in the employment contract that clearly states that the company has a zero tolerance policy regarding drug use and that non-compliance with regulations It would lead to the termination of your position without any liability. notice.