A Couple Indications of Unexplained Weight Loss

Substantial unexplained reduction in body weight or alleviating body weight without getting involved in physical activities is the indication that you might be developing an underlying medical condition.  A good rule of thumb is to consult with your doctor at weight loss Los Angeles CA if you’ve lost a significant amount of body-weight — more than 5 percent of your overall body weight — during 6 to 12 months. Besides that, you should take note of any other symptoms to hold a talk with your doctor. You also keep this thing in mind that not every weight loss has a severe medical condition. It can also occur after a life-altering or stressful event. However, not deliberate weight loss may be an indication of one of these medical conditions.


The Loss of Muscle


The loss of muscle or muscle wasting can result in a sudden reduction in your body weight. The major reason is sympathized with the weakness in your muscle. Another indication of this problem is that one of your limbs may even appear smaller than the other.


Your body is composed of fat mass and fat-free mass, including muscle, bone, and water. If you are losing muscle, you shall lose weight. This can occur if you don’t apply your muscles for a moment. It’s most common in individuals who don’t exercise, work desk jobs, or are bedridden. Usually, exercise and proper nutrition will revoke the issues in muscle loss.

Other possible causes of muscle loss are injuries (broken bones). In addition to that, aging, burns, stroke, and osteoarthritis are other reasons in alleviating your body weight. If you are symptomatic with the issues of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, you will notice the issues of weight loss substantially. 


The Issues of Overactive Thyroid


Hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid, crops up when your thyroid gland produces a lot of thyroid hormone. These hormones hold control over several functions in your body, incorporating the function of metabolism. If your thyroid becomes overactive, you will swiftly burn calories, yet you have a good appetite. The outcome can result in weight loss without deliberation.

Other symptoms are fast, heart rate with irregularity. Besides these, anxiety, the bottlenecks of fatigue, the intolerance of heat, sleep disorder, hand tremors as well as light periods in women are some of the symptoms of the overactive thyroid. 


The Problems of Hyperthyroidism

The problems of hyperthyroidism can occur because of grave diseases, thyroiditis, and the redundant consumption of iodine apart from taking a lot of thyroid medicine prescribed by a doctor. 


Effective treatment to tackle hyperthyroidism varies on the age and gravity of your case. Usually, this medical condition is treatable with the prescription of anti-thyroid medication, radioactive iodine, beta-blockers, or surgical procedure.