Wildflower Photography: How to Capture Awe-Inspiring Photos of Flowers

When it comes to capturing the eccentricity of nature, one of the key elements without which even nature will remain incomplete is the inherent beauty of nature. However, when it comes to photographing flowers, especially in a land of endemic flowers – China, even professional photographers want to think twice. It is not difficult to take a photo of a flower; the difficulty lies in adding a unique and inspiring element, a ‘wow’ factor that will make the photo stand out in the crowd.

Are you wondering what to do? Or how to take flower photos during your wildflower photography tour in China? Well, not to worry. Following some tricks can help you to do so. Here we have listed down a few tips that can follow to capture astounding pictures of flowers during this tour.

  1. Calm down and practice the art of seeing

When you follow this trick, your flower photography will change dramatically. To do so, leave your camera in the backpack for some time, put your phone away from you and walk slowly and calmly, observe everything that is around you very carefully. Being in nature will soothe your mind and your senses will be more aware. And then, train your eyes to observe details, irrespective of how tiny it is. Look for a unique curl in a petal or leaf and interesting lines. Learn to see your subject more abstractly, in terms of color, texture, lines, patterns, and mood. Slowing down will hone your visual skills, and help you capture a photo that is more impactful, and that will evoke feelings and stories.

  1. Learn to recognize and use light

Light is one of the most fundamental elements that can either make or break your flower portraits. Just like you need to find out interesting subjects, in the same way, it is also a crucial way to recognize the quality and direction of light apt for photographing flowers. Generally, people love to see flowers in soft and diffuse light. Though strong sunlight in backlighting can be beautiful in some cases, you should be very careful while capturing photos in strong light, as it can cause deep shadows and harsh highlights. Early morning is considered to be the best time as the sun is low and so, you will get subdued light for picking photos. Moreover, it will also add sidelight that will help to bring out details and textures in your flowers and make them look more three-dimensional. You can get this same beautiful light in the late afternoon and early morning.

  1. Work on your subject

Once you find an interesting subject, learn how to work on the subject to its fullest. You can visit a garden, stand near the first flower you see for a few seconds, take a few photos and then move on. On the other side, you can stay before the same flower for over an hour, take hundreds of photos from every angle and composition you come up with, only to find that perfect one that will evoke emotion and let other to say ‘wow’. It can be an interesting curl of a petal, a gentle curve of a leaf or the curve of a stem, which makes the flowers appear to be dancing. By experimenting and working on your subject, you will come up with innovative ideas and perhaps have some aha moments.

Whether you are going for a wildflower photo tour or orchid photo tour China, follow these tips at the time of shooting a flower and the end result will be breathtaking. Capture photos and have fun with them.

Author bio: Chen Guan is a professional photographer and often writes on orchid photo tour China. In this write-up, he has given some tips on how to take awesome photos during the wildflower photography tour.