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What is the Future of Mobile App Development?

More than 179 billion mobile apps are downloaded every year. By 2025, it is estimated that the mobile industry will have 5.9 billion unique mobile subscribers, thanks to every mobile app development agency cropping up all over the globe. So, what is the future of the mobile market over the next decade?

What technology is the future?

With 5G technology already approaching gadget markets, video content transfer and download is going to grow rapidly, as is the use of voice search, AI, etc. This is also owing to the production of content and increased user interactions, thanks to social media.

Where is everything going?

The future of mobile applications can be divided into three main blocks.

• Efficiency and speed: 62% of the millennial users already prefer using apps to purchase and view products due to the high degree of personalization of offers and the speed of the transaction. It’s only going to get more intensive.

• Profitability: Mobile apps help create a precise database about the users, their preferences, and their choices. For the creators, this database is the main source of profits. In fact, 72% of media resources that noted this precise data for brands recorded a surge in the sales by more than 50%.

• Reliability: Apps have to become more reliable in order to garner more accurate information. Users who receive important and relevant content from their apps are readier to disclose their personal data and interact more with the app.

How will users influence the apps?

The average number of installed mobile applications in one smartphone is 35, but only 5 of them are often used. To keep up with the rapidly developing market, every mobile application development agency and all developers must ensure more focus on consumer requirements. Users now expect more personalisation and their existing decisions must be taken into account.

In the future, due to the intelligent integration of data transfer tech and services, applications will be created to realise these capabilities. For example, location-based apps that allow more effective targeted ads and ‘on the go’ mobile payment apps are rapidly growing and becoming popular to cater to the users.

How will the apps influence users?

Apps will become lifestyle for users. Even today, apps that make the users life easier are a part of their everyday life. In the future, developers are going to focus on getting there. By 2025, it won’t be strange to have entire businesses identify solely as a ‘Fitness app development company’ or ‘Drink Water App Development Company’ or more.

Some predictive stats for you: by 2022, the turnover of the mobile app ecosystem will amount to 5% of the GDP of the globe and get to $4.6 trillion. According to Forbes, industry services will be used by 5.9 billion mobile subscribers or 71% of the expected population of the Earth by 2025.

That’s a big number. If you have a business, becoming a part of that ecosystem is important. Meet with top app development companies and discuss how your mobile app can be tailored to your business needs. Personally, I would suggest going for companies like 3 Sided Cube or Street73 who specialise is developing premium, user-friendly mobile apps without draining your budget.