What is Alzheimer’s?

Remember the time when you were fit to begin your days in the office like an energetic young man who had the zeal to do greater things in life. An erudite person you might have become after imbuing the plethora of knowledge granted by the corporate and educational system of the country.  But it is also the gospel truth that aging left you in the autumn phase of your life. At this stage, many unwillingly reject the beauty of grey hair and wrinkled skin and suppress low productivity.  It is quite obvious that aging is the natural process that doesn’t wait for any time. So the real wisdom lies in prior-preparation before turning to this phase and in living a less miserable life that would transpire sunlight in your soul for a lifetime.

Alzheimer’s is a not new disease tunneling in the Asian sub-continent but has already prevailed in the west. The westerners have found its solutions before our generation heard its name. It’s incongruous disbelief that the land of Aryabhatta remained at a slow-pace in the areas of medicinal research. Kudos to advanced technology that put us back in the track to uplift the veil of lacking resources that sidelined us for such a long time.

Ever read or heard the story ‘of The Notepad’ in which the protagonist beautifully tries to narrate their life story to his wife Allie who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Both of them promised to be together in all the seasons of life but in the last phase, the female character forgets the identity of her real partner. The incredibly plotted story reached millions of westerners because this medical disease reflected their story too.

The loss in the retention of memory, problems linked with thinking and weakening of cognitive abilities with daily life results in the production of Alzheimer’s disease.  Nearly (60% to 80%) of dementia cases fall in this disease.

It occurs with the increasing age of individuals especially when they are in the age group of the 70s. According to a trusted report, it is the sixth-leading cause of death in the entire United States of America. The average survival rate of an Alzheimer’s suffering person is around (4 to 6 years) but these sufferers can also live up to 20 years because it varies upon different conditions.


The medications of Alzheimer’s include cholinesterase inhibitor, N-methyl D-aspartate (NDMA), Namzaric, Exelon and many more medicines. These set off medications assist in preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine in the brain and do offer moderate relief to survivors suffering from this disease.

The brain-imaging is also executed by neurologists to diagnose strokes, trauma and even tumors that cause a change in cognitive thinking. With the use of MRIs and CTs scans, doctors ensure the patients about brain shrinkage and even evaluate the hidden information related to brain strokes.

Cruise the waves of different seas of life like a crusader of the long run,

Challenge every obstacle to unearth mystified ways to cherish reaping favors,

Chase for moments not by their size but intensity to pour happiness,

Clarify hidden certainties to drift in the dreamy sky like a bird flapping its feathers,

Choose a life far away from the mechanical world; count on beautiful memories when you lay on the bed,

Cherish every aspect and curse nothing because this is the real-life you carved for,

Some diseases are not fully curable but that doesn’t mean the end of life or settlement of pessimistic thoughts because the lifecycle remains immortal and is driven by a supreme divine force that instills life in soulless creatures, controls the timing of day and night, and advances the everyday movement of human beings.