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Top 5 Generators For Heavy Use in 2019

When you’re in looking for the best generator to buy a new generator and you have no experience in how to select the best generator. Don’t despair, this blog for you. In this blog, I can explain to you the best 5 generators for heavy use in 2019.

Top 5 Generator for heavy use


  • DuroMax XP12000EH – Best overall


As we strive for versatility in our top select selections, the DuroMax XP12000EH has spectacularly beaten out the competition.

While providing two options of fuel, it highlights a wide range of outlet receptacles – 2 twist locks, 1 GFCI household outlet, and 50V heavy-duty – to operate multiple appliances at a time.

The 10kW generator is also energy-efficient that at 50% output on a single tank of propane, it can run 20 hours. On propellant, 10 hours.

Product Specs

Peak Watts/Running Watts Gasoline & Propane: 12,000W/9,500W
Noise Level 70 – 72 dB
Max Runtime Gasoline: 10 hours

Propane: 20 hours

Highlight Features DuroMax 18HP, 457cc OHV Engine; dual-fuel technology; 4 different types of outlets; CPA & CARB approved


  1. Westinghouse WGen9500DF – Best dual fuel generator

While 80% of generators in this list run on duel-fuel technology, there are many good reasons for us to pick this Westinghouse as the best one.

Out of the highest peak watt rating – 12,500W on gasoline & 11,200W on propane, it impresses us through the unbeatable fuel efficiency. On a modest 6.6-gallon tank with a fuel gauge, it can run up to 17.5 hours.

You are also given the freedom to operate this generator – by the traditional recoil start, the electric start, or the remote start with an included key fob.

Product Specs

Peak Watts/Running Watts Gasoline: 12,500W/9,500W

Propane: 11,200W/8,500W

Noise Level 62 – 74 dB
Max Runtime 17.5 hours
Highlight Features 5 different types of outlets; Remote Start With Included Key Fob, Electric and Recoil Start; Long-Lasting Cast Iron Sleeve With Automatic Low Oil Shutdown and Digital Hour Meter; EPA and CARB Compliant


  1. Champion 8000-Watt – Top rated

We highly recommend this one if you prefer a 10kW generator that can be used right out of the box.

Besides a battery included upon arrival, you’ll also find in its package a low oil shut-off sensor and 1.2 quarts of oil. Only some minimal assembly required and it’s ready to use.

Product Specs

Peak Watts/Running Watts Gasoline: 10,000W/8,000W

Propane: 9,025W/7,250W

Noise Level 74 dB
Max Runtime Gasoline: 8 hours

Propane: 5 hours

Highlight Features Electric start; Intelligauge; trust Volt Guard built-in surge protector; engine with the handy toggle switch; battery & 1.2-quarts of oil included; has a low oil shut-off sensor


  1. All Power America APGG10000 – Budget-friendly

Low in price yet high quality in construction, the All Power America APGG10000 is our pick for people in a tight budget.

This generator features an 8-gallon fuel tank, runs powerfully in 9 hours at 50% load, and meets EPA requirements. With 7 different outlets provided and 10kW peak power, it is versatile enough to run a wide gamut of home appliances during blackouts or heavy-duty tasks.

Product Specs

Peak Watts and Running Watts 10,000W and 8,000W
Sound Level 76 DB
Max Runtime 9 hours
Main Features 15 HP 420cc OHV air-cooled engine; 7 outlets; Insert hour meter, maintenance-free Battery and flat-free wheel kit; EPA certified


  1. Pulsar PG12000B – Easy to switch fuel sources

The most common weak spot of dual-fuel technology is it requires you to shut the machine off when switching fuel sources.

While some guys hate this, a generator that provides a seamless transition between fuel sources while in use without the user missing a beat makes sense. Enter the Pulsar PG12000B.

It highlights the Switch & Go technology which is known for that benefit.

Product Specs

Peak Watts/Running Watts Gasoline: 12,000W / 9,500W

Propane: 10,800W / 8,550W

Noise Level 85 – 92 dB
Max Runtime Gasoline: 12 hours
Highlight Features 457cc, OHV Engine, CARB Approved; Switch & Go Capability; Electric Push Start and Recoil Back-up; 3 in 1 Digital Meter, Drop-down Handles and 10” Never-flat Wheels


You can find in this blog Top 5 generators for heavy use in 2019. With this blog, you can easily select the best generator for heavy use. I hope my all information is helpful for all users. If you need extra detail about our service and new and used generator. So contact us on our EO energy expert.