Feng shui items for home

Top 3 Feng-Shui Items To Buy for Your Home

Trying to seek a harmonious life in your home but unable to find the barrier? What if the barrier is the home and its objects?

When it comes to home, nothing should be compromised because the place we live determines the quality of our life. To enrich the quality of life in terms of happiness, wealth, health, love, career, etc, people use various techniques to attract good energy into the home. One of the methods is called Feng-Shui.

Feng Shui is a popular ancient culture of art of placement that is widely used in China and this art has been successfully spread to other countries as well. This art is a belief that the arrangement of objects smoothens the flow of the energy that exists in our surroundings known as “chi” and attracts good and positive energy in the area.

“What are the items that attract Good Chi?”

Nothing to worry about! Following are the top 3 Feng-Shui items you can buy for your home:

1. Mandarin Ducks (Love Enhancer): Widely popular Feng-Shui items and often called “Symbol of Love and Marriage.” Mandarin Ducks should be placed in pairs only. It’s a belief that keeping a pair of this item in the south-west of your bedroom, attracts love and removes obstacles that are preventing love.

“Feng-Shui is the enhancer of your Life.”

2. Wind Chimes (Good Luck): Hanged outside the house, Wind Chimes are believed to bring good luck, its melodic sound calms the mind and it wards off evil.

There are different types of Wind Chimes like Metal, Wood, Bamboo, Ceramic, etc with every type has different placements and attracts different things. The same goes for every Feng-Shui items. The placement of different types is important to be known because wrong placement can affect Feng-Shui negatively. Consulting the experts is favourable. You will find one of the best Feng-Shui Consultant near you who will find the hindrance in the specified area of life you are having trouble in while providing a remedy to remove the obstacle, and attracting and holding the positive chi in your life. They understand you calmly, ask several questions and after evaluating your home will provide effective solutions, providing you with in-person sessions and online as well.

“Update your home, Update your destiny.”

3. Turtle (Protection): There are various placements of Turtle which provide different benefits like placing it facing front door protects the home from negative chi while placing in north benefits career etc. So, place it according to the area of life you want to benefit in. In general, Turtle symbolizes luck, career and long life and protection. You can find different materials of Turtle like Crystal, Brass, Bronze, etc.

The above are the most common and top Feng-Shui items every home should have but there are many more to explore! You can find different types of Feng-Shui Products Online that symbolize different aspects of life and providing different types of benefits. Consulting a Feng-Shui Consultant will help you determine what is blocking the positive chi and what remedies can be used to remove it. Most of these certified Consultants have their own online Feng-Shui shops for customers while others suggest buying online as its easily available.

“Refresh, Rejuvenate and Reenergize your Life with Feng-Shui.”


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