Tire Rack for Stacking Tires of Different Sizes

The demand for pallet rack and storage rack differ from industry to industry. Different industries need different storage items, depending on the size and shape of the item that needs to be stored. At E-Deck we design rack, pallets, shelf rack and tire rack of various shapes. The size, shape, capacity of the manufactured item differs depending on the size, weight, and dimension of the product. Among the various industries that we serve, tire industry is one among them.

Tires are manufactured in various dimensions and weight and creating storage rack for tires require proper measurement for storing and stacking up tire of different sizes and weight. You can now get durable and smart storage solutions for a tire with E-Deck. Whether you wish to place an order for heavy duty tire rack or need a wired tire rack for a bigger size. We can design racks for warehouse, retail store, and factory. We understand how crucial it is to store, stack and present the tires and our range of products designed for tire industry would help you in choosing the right rack for stacking tires. At E-deck we ensure high-quality products. Our team of engineers ensures that nothing goes unnoticed and all the quality parameters are thoroughly followed to deliver ultimate quality and non-stop performance. Request a quote or get in touch with us online and find out how our solutions could help your business.

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