Tips to Make Huge Bongs Rips

It’s no secret that bongs have become the most popular smoking apparatus, and bongs are the cream of the crop with more opportunities for smoke filtration. Acrylic bong pipe offers recreational smokers, even more, smoother hits than normal bongs. And while smoking a bong is a very easy thing to do. There are a few key steps you have to follow smoke a bong in the right way.

  1. When you start smoking bong take it slowly with deep breathing. Exercising your diaphragm will open your lungs and increase your breathing capacity. So that when you are ready for smoking, you will get a higher endurance, and you will be able to take long breathes and remember drinking alcohol decreases your breathing capacity.
  2. People say that if you are coughing while using a bong, then you are smoking correctly. The reason people cough while smoking a bong is simple, the smoke creates a dry mouth and throat, and if you drink water simultaneously while smoking, then you will cough. So for that, you just have to keep a mint or gum in your mouth because it will help to create moisture in the mouth by causing you to salivate. This will help in preventing you from cough.
  3. The crucial point to consider while using a bong is the water in your bong, which makes the smoking experience different. Without water, it would simply be another glass pipe. The downstream should be submerged in water, and the percolators should also be in the water.