Tips To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy

Mental health in pregnancy does appear to be a vital cog in the wheel. In case if you have decided to have a baby it is important that you take care of yourself as well as your baby so that a healthy pregnancy occurs. A lady who takes care of herself and embarks on the right decision does have a healthy pregnancy.

Prenatal care

The moment you figure out that you are pregnant you need to opt for prenatal care during pregnancy. This is a general guideline of care which you expect when pregnant. The sooner you go on to receive medical care the better it is for both the mother along with the baby.

In case if you do not have the budget for prenatal care in clinics or hospitals there are social organizations that can help you. Do ask the people around you to guide you about the meaningful resources in the community.

During the initial round of consultation, the doctor is going to pose a lot of questions and this can be the date of your first period. This would enable you to calculate how long you are pregnant and what is the due date that is expected for the baby.

Doctors arrive at the duration of a pregnancy in weeks. An estimation of due date takes place but a majority of the pregnancies does take place between 38 to 42 weeks of pregnancy. Only a small fraction of women go on to deliver on the exact due date. To have a healthy pregnancy you need to pay considerable attention to your mental health during pregnancy.

As again the phase of pregnancy is divided into 3 major phases. The doctor would go on to examine you and order for a pelvic exam. A series of blood or urine tests are recommended to confirm whether you are not suffering from any sexually transmitted disease. There are some STDs that could go on to pose a serious issue in case of a new born baby, proper treatment is necessary so as to take care of the baby.

Then the doctor is likely to explain the emotional along with physical changes that is expected during the course of pregnancy. In addition you also learn to figure out the symptoms or complications that could arise when you are pregnant. The reason being that teenagers are at a great risk of hypertension and can give birth before the expected due date.

The doctor will suggest you to opt for prenatal vitamins and this includes folic acid, iron along with calcium. The doctor may prescribe vitamins or may ask you to opt for a brand without any prescription. The nutrients along with vitamins ensure a healthy pregnancy for both the mother along with the baby and prevent any major birth defects.

During the first 28 weeks of pregnancy you need to visit your doctor once in a month. Till week 36 you need to visit them once in 2 weeks and then it would come down to a single week.

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