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Perhaps not as well-known as Berlin or Munich, Frankfurt is a point of utmost importance not only for Germany but also for the European community. It is recognized as the German financial center and as one of the largest in Europe since there is European Central Bank, the German Federal Bank, and the main German stock exchange, as well as being the headquarters of several commercial banks present in Frankfurt.

Our hostel in Frankfurt

Once we set up in our hostel, which by the way was a few meters from the main train station, we took a break around to get to know a little about the new culture. It was not necessary to walk a lot to notice that bars and restaurants were what predominated in most of the bases of the buildings in which offices and places of accommodation such as hotels and hostels prevailed.

With only a few hours in Frankfurt, we corroborate what has always been said, or at least what we live in America say, that Europe is somewhat expensive. From the moment we took the train from the airport to the train station and we paid 4 euros ($ 6 USD approx), to go through the windows of the establishments and see that some foods such as sandwiches were around 5 euros ($ 7.5 USD) approx) But at least we half expected those prices, so it did not take us that much of a surprise.


We discovered that Frankfurt has something for everyone and for all budgets. Even if you do not want to spend on activities or tours and prefer to tour the city on your own, Frankfurt will also captivate you.


What you can do in Frankfurt for free in 1 day

San Bartolome Cathedral

This cathedral, which can practically be seen from any point of the city, is the main church of Frankfurt and there is a great history behind it, including the one that was destroyed in the middle of the XIX century and rebuilt, and more recently, during World War II, where it suffered great damage, to be rebuilt and to be what it is now.

Old City in Frankfurt

One of the places you must include if you visit Frankfurt has to be the Frankfurt Romans. The esplanade is a reconstruction of what the Old City looked like before it was almost completely destroyed by Allied bombers during World War II. Without a doubt an excellent place to take the best photographs. Take the opportunity to eat at one of the restaurants in the area or try an authentic German beer, in case you have not done it yet.

The Hauptwache

Not far from the Old City you will find this shopping center. It is something like an immense square on which several restaurants, bars, and shops are set for all tastes, including a “closed mall,” that give a modern touch and make the area a perfect place to visit whatever the taste of the person is. Even if you do not plan to buy merchandise, enjoy a walk with a good beer and accompanied by their respective sausage, of course.

Meno River

As part of the tour that Viviana gave us, we walked a good distance to the banks of the River Meno as evening fell. We were able to see a little bit of how the afternoons are for the Germans when the solar rays are present in the city. The vast majority of people take advantage of every ray whether relaxing on the lawn, practicing a sport or recreational activity, enjoying a picnic, or reading a book, among other forms.

We travelled a couple of kilometres and from the bridges that cross the river; we could appreciate the beautiful views of the city, including when the night had fallen. We travelled by foot but if you wish, there are several boats that can give you the ride on the river.

Frankfurt was just beginning to surprise us, but with this it was enough for the day to feel the vibe of the city and its people.

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