The Most Famous Traditional Dishes Of Rayalaseema

Andhra Pradesh is most famous for the food of Rayalaseema, which is more spicy to eat. People like to eat the foods which are spicier, and they provide more varieties which are tasty that never get in another place to eat. These foods cover all the southern districts such as Anantapur, Cuddapah, Chittoor and Kurnool. These people take care while preparing the foods to get in good taste by adding all the species.

 Every tourist who visits these places never goes without tasting these dishes because they offer more to eat with full of tasty. If you want to eat these dishes you can order that online rayalaseema ruchulu near me at the best price. Have a look at some of the famous dishes that Rayalaseema offers you to eat in this article. And if you go to visit your relatives in those regions for the next time, you can taste them. 


This is one of the most famous dishes in Rayalaseema which you get. It is prepared with rice flour and sesame seeds. Most of the people in those regions like to eat in the morning breakfast as well as in the evening snack. Make sure to eat this if you visit the place of Andhra Pradesh. 


It is also the most popular dish which is crispy and tasty to eat. Most probably this dish will be prepared in the special days like Sankranthi Festival. Also, it is available on the street side in the evening time to eat, which are very tasty. Most of the people like to eat this food in chicken curry or with tomato chutney and coconut chutney combination. 


 Usually, dosa will be prepared with rice as well as urad dal. But this dosa will be made with rice, or rava and toor dal. If you taste it, you like to eat again and again when you visit the Rayalaseema restaurant, which is very different while compared to other breakfast foods. Generally, this dish is prepared for breakfast. 


If you look at the non-veg first, they will prefer you this naatu Kodi pulusu dish which is very famous. It is prepared with country chicken that cooked species to get tastier. It is a favourite dish for people all the time when they come to Rayalaseema non-vegetarian list. Even though you don’t add that much spicy in this, the taste will be the same. People like to eat this in roti or rice. 


 Borugula Upma is a best Rayalaseema recipe which is prepared for breakfast. This dish will be called with various names like Vaggani, Uggani, Buggani, Maramarala Upma. The preparation of this dish is very simple that it is made with puffed rice that tossed with ingredient ground coconut as well as peanuts. This will be served for breakfast along with that they prefer a cup of tea which gives you real enjoyment in the morning. 


It is also one of the favourite dishes of Rayalaseema, which is called Ragi Sangati, that is made with ragi (millet) flour, rice, salt, water, etc. This is a traditional food that beat the sun rays in the season of summer, which is good for the health too. It can be a substitute to sugarcane juice, coconut water, lemon juice and lassi in summer.


People consume this in their morning breakfast. Also, you can prepare this with leftover dosa or idli batter. It has various names called gundu pongala, paddu, masala paniyaram, and galliyappa, etc. This will be crispy on the outside layer and soft inside the food which can be eaten with coconut chutney. Along with these dishes you can also order famous kerala food in hyderabad with the help of various apps that provided in the internet with best deals.