Some Thing You Should Know About Bong

Bongs, which are also known as water pipes, are one of the most popular ways of smoking herbs and marijuana. There are various products in markets where people use it to smoke, but bongs are considered legal in many countries, and they are sold in stores, dispensaries, and also even online. Glass bongs prices are very economical if you buy them online.

Bong word id derived from the word “Baung,” which is a Thai word. It means a cylindrical smoking tube that is mainly made up of bamboo. However, as time passed, there were many changes made to the bong. As due to advanced technology in this era, bongs come in a variety of materials like plastic, glass, and even made in silicone.

There are various ways to use bongs and what are bongs used for. Before you learn how to use this thing, you should need to know the anatomy of a bong.

Here are some parts of bongs

1) Base

It is the foundation of your instrument. The life span of the bong depends on its base. It should withstand the impact whenever it falls over. But there are many affordable bongs today available that are of good quality and can provide you proper performance. But if you want that your bong should last longer than you should have a proper protective rubber cover.

2) Neck and chamber

The chamber of the bong is located at the bottom side of your bong, .and it is just above the base. It is where the water and smoke go on the other hand; the neck is where the smoke passes.