A Right Space for Your Office: Tips!


Businesses are always growing and dropping and that is the reason you have to be really thoughtful about everything. You have to make sure that you take all the important things into consideration.  When it comes to taking up a space for your office or business; you should keep everything in mind.

You would find many offices flourishing in Shared office space for startups in greater Noida or in other cities. The point is it is all about how you r carry out your day today tasks and where. The space wherein your employees and you work has a great impact on your overall growth and prosperity. Whether you are looking for shared office space or any other one; you have to be thoughtful about everything that matters. After all, renting an office space can be really daunting and especially when it is your first time.There are a few good questions that you must ask yourself before you proceed with any specific space.

Do you have a clear plan for growth?

Maybe it looks obvious, it is worth mentioning: you have to know exactly how you will be making money. Objectives have been crystal clear and ultra-specific. It is not about what you would do; it is more about how you are going to do that.  Reasonably, startups are infamous for overvaluing themselves early on. However, when talking about signing a lease for office space, businesses would do utmost to stay on the conventional side of projections.

Do you have any idea about upfront cost?

Have you actually thought about how much that office space really going to price you?Maybe the monthly rental price look great on paper, it may not appear so affordable once other expenses are arranged. Following are a few additional costs that will most probably fall under your responsibility:

  • Security Deposit: it is something that typically made up of 1-6 months of rent. Itdepends on the landlord that payment might be accepted in cash or even letter of credit. Stay prepared to hand over a P&L and balance sheet or even bank statement to back up the financial claims. In case you are actually worried about sharing this information, ask the property-owner to sign an NDA.
  • Attorney Fees: you should never sign a lease without having it reviewed by a professional and qualified attorney. If the lease is tiny enough, they might even work on a fixed amount.Of course, what is the point if getting trapped in an attorneything when you can clarify all the things right in the beginning?

Is it a great location?

A good location is going to be close to public transit, airports, and even other members of the tech community. Not only does possessing a good location make it convenient to hire top talent, it also makes it convenient to network with possible partners from both in and out of town.


Thus, you can be really thoughtful about everything before you think about an option like shared furnished office for rent in Greater Noida.

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