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Business intelligence practices are always undergoing changes. However, the one thing that remains a constant is the need for swift reporting and analysis. Managers and analysts often wrestle with the challenge of extracting insights from reports and making timely decisions based on that information. And with their fingers stuck in so many pies, it can become extremely overwhelming to oversee basic tasks such as business intelligence reporting, analysis, monitoring, and tracking, with each usually requiring a different tool/application. To sort this mess out and provide enterprises with a fantastic solution, IBM launched its IBM Cognos Business Intelligence suite – A top-of-the-line platform through which managers can easily accomplish all of the above-mentioned tasks, and much more.

ExistBI is training numerous organizations in the art of different business intelligence solutions, including IBM Cognos. Our IBM Cognos training classes are always in demand and we prepare hundreds of trainees on an annual basis.

The focus of this article will be all about the IBM Cognos and the training program of ExistBI. By the time you are done reading this article, you’d be completely convinced about the remarkable solutions of this platform and understand what ExistBI has to bring to the table. Without any further ado, let us begin:

IBM Cognos – The Next Generation in Reporting, Analysis, & Monitoring!

IBM is renowned for coming up with truly innovative and game-changing technologies and applications. It’s safe to say that the company really outdid itself by producing IBM Cognos.

The IBM Cognos BI suite provides its users with amazing reporting and data visualization capabilities. Apart from that, the suite has a user-friendly interface and functionalities that make self-service data analysis extremely easy and free from uncertainties. Moreover, this business intelligence suite is one of the few reporting solutions that also allow managers to track and monitor events.

All in all, this BI platform is a singular solution to a number of problems!

Why ExistBI’s IBM Cognos Training Classes are the Best!

When it comes to training of IBM Cognos, ExistBI always manages to standout! Below, you can find some too-good-to-be-true reasons to choose us:

ExistBI has certified and experienced trainers

There are hardly a few BI training institutes as of yet which can claim that they have certified trainers on-board. ExistBI happens to be one of those platforms. All of our trainers are certified and have years of experience in both training and real-world applications of the IBM Cognos BI suite.

ExistBI never follows a standard curriculum

Another thing which differentiates ExistBI from the competitors is our fit-for-purpose strategy. We do not follow a single curriculum for trainees. We design specialized curriculums for all batches to match their requirements.

ExistBI furnishes training in a licensed environment

ExistBI prides itself in providing training in a licensed environment that is conducive to the best learning money can buy.


Considering all of the facts above, not even a shred of doubt remains for the fact that IBM Cognos can take your BI-efforts to the next level. And the best platform to get full command over this platform is ExistBI!

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