Online & Ecommerce Shoppers, Customers & Buyers in India

The data is the most vital attribute in the present context. It is needed in every field for formulating strategy or chalking down the future course of action. The businesses serving in different verticals require updated data of their manufactured goods or services offered – to adequately fulfill the market needs.

Here, the data provided by a professional service provider is of immense help, as you instantly get precise and updated information – and make your crucial business decisions. The present article is exclusively dedicated to data that exists in various forms and the renowned professionals associated with the data business.

Updated and Precise Data

The updated and precise data helps businesses in reaching the right decision with a fruitful strategy for day-to-day operations. The informed decisions help in cutting down the cost incurred and wastage occurred – by and by improving business processes and assisting with the quality output. It also helps businesses in knowing their actual buyers and the vivid sources, from where leads are generated. If you are looking after any organization or enterprise – and don’t have access to authentic, precise and accurate data, then, it will not be easy for you to formulate the right strategy that is fruitful in long run. Now, the question arises, from where we can get access to updated, authentic and precise data. The answer is ‘’.

One-Stop Stay

The ’99 Data CD’ is your one-stop stay for all your data needs. It has got a widespread team of skilled professionals who collect data from different fields and present in the crystal clear format. The data presented is precise, authentic and updated; hence, it perfectly fulfills the needs and requirements of the businesses.

The data comes with silent features, which helps businesses in quickly understanding the data, and relate it to their requisite field. For example, if you require data of online shopping customers, then ’99 Data CD’ will provide you the updated, relevant and precise data – that perfectly fulfills your immediate requirements.  The noteworthy features of the data are as follows:

  • The data will include the statistics of online shoppers recorded all over India.
  • The data content will include the valuable inputs of online buyers like Person Name, City, Mobile, Email, and Shopped for (Men/Women/Unisex).
  • It provides online shoppers and buyers directory – a digital asset with valuable inputs.
  • The data comes at competitive rates.

Further to add, the present data of online shoppers contains valuable information of over 30 Lac online shopping customer database.


Customer Support

99 Data CD has got round the clock customer support to assist businesses. There is a team of skilled professionals to address your data issue. The businesses can have a detailed discussion about their requirements and get the perfect data, which amicably fulfills your immediate requirements.

Striking Attractions

The striking attraction of 99 Data CD is that it is perfectly connected to various industrial professionals like Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers, Dealers, Distributors, Suppliers, Traders, Service Providers, and Consultants. The portal generates enquiry for businesses and with the presence of a healthy business network – it is addressed by the related professionals in no time. Last but not the least; the portal strives to prepare updated, accurate and relevant data that gives quality output to the businesses.