Marketing Software Solutions for Network Marketing

Network Marketing has many names. Also known as Pyramid Selling, Referral Marketing, or Multi Level Marketing, network marketing is a business model in which the products or services are sold by distributors and agents who are the non-salaried workforce of the business. The agents are paid a commission for the sales they generate. They receive additional bonuses, rewards, and payoffs when they add new agents to the network. 

The commission system is different for each business based on the network model followed. Network marketing is profit-driven and focuses on selling products to a wider range of the audience without spending on active marketing and advertising strategies. 

Organizations such as Amway, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Medifast, etc. use network marketing as their business model. To help such enterprises in managing the network, agents, commission systems, and referrals, software solutions such as MLM software have been released into the market. There are quite a few companies that provide MLM software to businesses. 

The standard MLM software suits the basic requirements of the business. The software has been developed keeping in mind the changing requirements of the enterprises. Flexible, extensible, and easy to use, the MLM software can be integrated with other software solutions and vice versa. Experts from the companies handle the customization of the software and help enterprises in installing and using it. 

The Marketing Software Solutions provided by the companies include e-commerce integrations, customization of MLM plans, adding new modules to the software, and offering endless customization options so that the software suits the business model perfectly. This will enable enterprises to keep track of the performance of individual agents while focusing on bringing more profits. 

Let us take a look at some of the features of the MLM software that can be added to the software. 

  • Extensible
    • The software is highly extensible with little no programming. Color schemes, themes, the layout of the pages, etc. can be changed as per convenience. The software can be integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to track and generate leads. 
  • Easy to Use Interface
    • Reliability, security, and productivity of the software are as important as the ease of using it. The company ensures that the powerful solutions offered by the software can be accessed without any confusion by all users. 
  • Mobile-friendly
    • A lot of applications and web pages tend to get messed up when accessed through mobile phones. This MLM software adapts the screen size and orientation of the mobile phones and adjusts the layout so that none of the information shared on the web pages is missed out. The software is optimized for use on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. 
  • Easy Navigation
    • Visible links and tab should take the admin and users directly to the web pages titled in the link. Unnecessary links and duplicate pages are removed to make navigation simple and straightforward. The homepage can be customized according to the information enterprises want to share with the users. 
  • Flexible Integration
    • MLM software provided by the company is an open-source technology that allows numerous integrations. Accessible from any platform such as Windows, Linux, or Mac, any modern tool can be integrated with the software without too much effort. 
  • Dynamic Compression System
    • Dynamic compression makes it easy to track qualified and unqualified agents in the network to determine their commission payments. All ineligible agents are filtered at various levels of the network, according to the pre-defined criteria. 
  • Multi-Currency System
    • The multi-currency system enables transactions between two different countries with different currencies. The amount is converted from a currency to another and is reflected according to the country’s currency of the agent or customer. This allows a business to acquire customers in all parts of the world. 
  • Multilingual System
    • Similar to the multi-currency system, users and customers can read the web pages in the language of their preference. The commonly used translators are not always accurate and this could lead to problems. The MLM software has an in-built language converter that allows users to easily read the text in a language they are comfortable. 
  • Replicating Websites
    • Custom replication of websites allows every user in the network to have a website identical to the parent website. This will take the brand deeper and wider into the market and attract a larger audience. 
  • Payment Gateway 
    • Having a payment gateway integrated into the system will enable the enterprises to make payments to agents and accept payments for sales made through the website. The payment services help in promoting online shopping through a secure portal.  

Enterprises can contact the companies for more information about MLM software and its customization. The companies provide 24*7 technical support to ensure that the enterprises do not have any trouble with using the software.