Marketing Hacks for Personal Trainers

As of 2015, according to an IBISWorld research, the personal training industry employs 259,029 people and includes 60,704 businesses.

Whether you’re new to the personal training industry or an expert, the right marketing can boost your business unlike anything. While you can go for a Personal Trainer App Development company, you can also navigate it yourself. Here we glance at the top 5 marketing hacks for your personal training business.

(We have a more detailed list of top 15 hacks here if you want to skip straight there).

1. Following Up on Inactive Leads

The first thing to do is to follow up on the leads that were once hot, but have been inactive since. The key is to re-establish a rapport without trying to sell yourself.

2. Making Some Calls

In a world gone automated, human connection is rare and very special. Picking up the phone to call a potential client in-person is not only powerful but also effective.

3. Including Data in Headlines

According to research by Conductor, headlines that include data are clicked on twice more than headlines with just text. Bump that even higher by including [brackets], as per a study by Outbrain.

4. Finding Niche Groups

​Find out where your potential clients are and engage them there. Facebook groups, Meetup groups and local, interest-based forums and communities are a great way to do that.

5. Expanding on the Guaranteed Winners

You know which your most popular blog post is? Take that content and make it into a video series. As people have already expressed their interest in Personal Trainer Management App, it is guaranteed to be a hit.

While these are just the tip of the iceberg, they are important steps to implement in your marketing plan.

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