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It has been proven by psychologists that the human mind is more adept to retain and decipher information when seen in the pictorial form. The world churns out humungous amount of data every second, and to derive relevant information from it, companies have started using data analysis.

Business intelligence incorporate huge amount of data visualisation technique which help in identifying certain facts and figures that might go amiss in text format. Traditionally data visualisation MS Excel, but now there is a variety of advanced tools available. Tableau is one of the most popular tool that is available and allows organisations to have virtual understanding of their shortcomings and is much easier to operate than other analytical tools.

Tableau course: why it is pertinent

To operate Tableau programme, an employee doesn’t necessarily require a coding background. A tableau course is essential to understand the various tools and technologies involved and to increase your viability with potential or existing employers.

With Tableau, you can analyze any kind of data and create visually stimulating dashboard and graphs in matter of minutes. It is low cost in comparison to other BI tools and can be used with variety of other programmes. Tableau has a huge online community that allows you to interact with global users.

Application of Tableau in various industries

Banking industry

The banking industry has benefited massively by the application of tableau. Top financial institutions have branches across various corners of the world, and by using Tableau, they are able to have better insight and thus have better customer experience and cash in on new opportunities and thus, maintain an edge over the competition. It helps in recognising any risk and thus, increasing the overall performance.

Retail industry

Business intelligence plays an integral role in the retail industry and companies, whether stores or ecommerce portals are turning to analytics and data visualisation to stay ahead in the competitive market. With the help of the advanced features of Tableau, organisations are able to comprehend product demand and availability, optimize promotion, online shopping cart analysis to customise customer feed and it would help to expand the client base.

Sports industry

Sports isn’t just about playing a game, there is a lot that goes behind the scene which contributes to the success of the team as well as the game in its entirety. Sports management has become revolutionised by the application of Tableau. It helps to identify the most valuable players and develop their abilities further and build a comprehensive team, it helps to keep the team streamlined and stay relevant, boost attendance and optimize the spending.


Tableau course is important, if you want to land lucrative job whether in India or globally. Tableau has found its application in various sectors and the demand is much more than the current talent pool. So, if you are looking to make a marl for yourself, get a tableau certified.

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