Living A Well-Planned Lifestyle, By Acquiring The Advanced Solar System

An advanced solar system has a quality solar panel & power battery bank attached to it to give full powerful thrust to the entire system. An excellent solar panel & power battery bank will show you how sunlight can power the home. Solar panel & power battery bank aid in reducing the amount of electricity you pay for, by converting the renewable source of energy that is sunlight into power which will help in running the appliances in daily use.

This solar panel comes in a packaged photovoltaic module connected in typical fashion with all the solar cells arranged in an array. This helps in generating enough energy and supplies it to a commercial or residential application. Role of a solar panel is to generate the electricity but the excess of energy needs to be stored otherwise it will be an economic loss. As we know most solar energy systems don’t have batteries instead the solar panels are connected to the electric grid but if you don’t want to be grid-tied the better option is to have a power battery bank as a backup plan.

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In markets, Solar panel & power battery bank are available in duo offers. This power battery bank is available widely in better quality in Fire Mountain Solar shop. Shopping with Fire Mountain Solar will give you a wide range of options for comparison. The leading manufacturers like Outback, Unirac, Simpliphi and many more list their quality products in the Fire Mountain Solar catalog. There are few battery types which are commonly used is storing the harnessed energy for using it in odd times. The most common types of power battery bank you can add on to your system are flooded lead acid battery, sealed lead acid battery, and lithium battery. A solar power system also comes with a solar inverter which helps in converting the direct DC current into AC current which is highly demanded.

The Job of a solar inverter

A Solar inverter is the brain of the system which plays a major role in converting the DC electricity generated from the array into AC electricity. Along with this it also helps in giving ground fault protection and system stats including optimizing the voltage difference. In addition to this, it works swiftly in coordination with maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

The solar industry has experienced a boon because of the micro solar inverters entry in the market. Fire Mountain Solar is well acquainted in providing Outback solar inverter which is world class product to try on. Outback solar inverter is an ideal product of choice in harsh environment condition and application where product reliability is the key phenomenon. With outback’s acclaimed customer and technical service outback solar inverters are highly preferred in many commercial and residential projects. Installing Outback solar inverter is a wise choice as the Outback power technologies is the leading designer and manufacturer of battery-based, off-grid renewable energy system, Solar inverters and many more.


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