Investor’s Confidence in Gold

For investors, a constant thought at the back of your mind is, “Where can I invest my hard earned money in the hope of getting good returns in a reliable way?” Investors will try their hand at the stock market, real estate and of course in gold – possibly the most secure store of value in a long-term investment.

The common man is aware about stocks and demat accounts, as well mutual funds and brokers (sahi hai!) but there is a surprising shortage of awareness in the fastest growing and safest way to invest in gold!

So, if you’re looking to buy, sell, gift or invest in gold, you need to look no further than the top digital platforms for gold purchase online in India. That search will only end in one place – SafeGold. Companies like this are changing the tune of investors across India and improving their confidence in gold as a great asset to invest in for the long haul, as part of a good, well-balance portfolio!


Digital Gold – The Future of Gold In India

Digital gold allows average consumers to transact in gold without needing to take physical possession of the gold right away. The buyers can accumulate his gold holdings in small increments and choose to take physical delivery at a time of their choosing.

SafeGold is the leading provider of digital gold services in India. It can be accessed through SafeGold’s partner platforms like ICICI Bank, PhonePe and Paisabazaar, or directly by creating a free account on the SafeGold website.

The process is simple, safe and secure. It is designed with the consumer’s convenience and safety in mind. SafeGold has partnered with leading organizations like Brinks Security and IDBI Trusteeship Services to ensure full transparency and third-party oversight to protect the interests of the consumers.


Buy Gold Coins Online Safely and Securely

SafeGold is a one stop reliable digital platform to buy gold coins online, sell gold and take delivery of 24K physical gold at low ticket sizes around the clock with the tap of a button. A team of dedicated professionals has been working tirelessly to make your gold journey simple and transparent to help you get the most out of your savings!