Interesting Historical Facts about Hemp Herb

CBD is one of the emerging compounds of Hemp herb with multiple health benefits. Its wide demand in the market and its positive response for human health has made it legal in many countries. With this legalization, you are now permitted to buy it from CBD Oil Canada online stores.

Now, with every invention comes with a great history that remains alive forever. Similarly, history is also associated with the hemp plant and the CBD Oil extracted from it.

Below we are presenting some astonishing and interesting facts about CBD herb which you should definitely read.

Hemp Cultivation exists Since Last 10K Years: If you think that Hemp and marijuana come with the recent research, you are wrong. They were present for 10000 years. With the ever changing era, the motto of Hemp cultivation has changed and nowadays it is prominently being grown for medical purpose. In the earlier years, its presence was seen in China, Russia, Italy, etc.

It Boosts Soil Fertility: Years back, the use of the hemp plant was done to increase the soil fertility. The cultivation of hemp was made to enhance the process of phytoremediation which is basically used to omit the harmful and toxic pollutants from the soil and make it healthy for cultivating crops. Hemp roots play a vital role in this process, as Hemp plant is capable to absorb heavy metals and toxic material from the soil. Because of this, even today it is prescribed to check the area of hemp cultivation before buying it.

Hemp Has Medical use: Today, we are highly attracted towards CBD hemp oil due to its multiple health benefits, but even in its initial years, it was used to cure some of the common health ailments. This made it popular in that era and with the passage of time, its health benefits increased with the assistance and recommendation to take it for maximum benefits.

Hemp is also used as Biodiesel: Not many of you actually know that the Hemp plant is being considered as biodiesel. As per the recent experiment, an airplane is being made to run entirely on the Hemp biodiesel. This project is yet to be launched, but the work is in progress. Once the project gets success, it will be a revolutionary project that will bring a big change over the globe.

It is Still Illegal to Grow Hemp: There are many countries where the cultivation of hemp herb is strictly prohibited. The main reason behind this is the presence of THC, which gets you high. The high ratio of THC in marijuana and Hemp plant has banned it in various countries. However, other countries have made its medical use legal.

Important Tip: Above we have learned about the historical facts about hemp herb which you all should know, but above all, it’s important to take medical assistance from your doctor. There are multiple factors associated with the hemp plant that can affect your body in case of overdose. So, before adding it to your daily diet, make sure you decide the right dose.

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