Innovative Industrial Sectors Leveraging Machine Learning Skills for 2019

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Machine learning, by default, is associated with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) but that’s not the right thing to do. Both technologies are different from each other by virtue of their foundation. In 2019, machine learning skills will be the most sought after talent in the industry.

In this article, we are exploring the top industrial segments that professionals could explore for their curriculum. That’s where Machine Learning Training in Bangalore can be leveraged to make the push in the data industry.

Customer Experience for Ecommerce         

One of the biggest markets in this segment is that of interactive chatbots, virtual assistants and online appointment schedule and meeting tools.

UI(User Interface) powered by machine learning is growing prominence in the industry, especially among the Marketing and sales groups. UI is a critical component of online traffic and website experience. Getting Machine learning to the center of UI standards can solve 90% of the issues and challenges noted by Content Marketing teams. For example, Machine learning can help website owners and publishers identify the fixed set of visitors and provide them with the most relevant personalization and customer experience, letting them stay on the website for longer than usual.

Fighting Fake News with Brand-Safe Machine Learning Technology

In the era of FAKE News and malvertising, providing a brand-safe ecosystem is top of mind for publishers and news websites. Machine learning can help identify the potentially deadly source of news that is associated with spreading fake news and videos. AI is also part of the big game as you need to deeply firewalls at various levels to prevent deadly news sources from pooling into websites. In cyber security market, Machine Learning Training in Bangalore is gaining huge traction among professionals looking to further interest into fake news fighting campaigns.

Social Media and Branding Themes

Machine Learning Training in Bangalore puts a special emphasis on dealing with social media marketplace where you would find B2C, and celebrity influencers reaching out to 100 million viewers and followers in one-go. How do they do it?

A part of the social media reach is driven by Machine Learning technology.

Patient Care and Assistive Technologies

Assistive technology (AT) in health care is also a big market for machine learning companies. The need to provide highly relevant AT is dependent on how quickly patients get their needs fulfilled. The industry is pegged at $4.5 billion in 2022.

Machine learning capabilities include working with image recognition, virtual and augmented reality, Augmented Intelligence, Voice search, robotics, Industrial automation, drones, hybrid Clouds, and deep learning. Even with new emerging technologies like Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, professionals have their tasks cut out in dealing with machine learning at an advanced scale.

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