Ingredients Used In Making Sauce Are Totally Eco-Friendly

The best hot sauce brands in India making companies are highly concerned with the health issues as the food materials or other food ingredients are directly related to health. So, they believe in making food having real ingredients, have no artificial flavours, 100% vegan and ethically sauced. The real, fresh and all natural ingredients are used in making Indian hot sauce which is absolutely eco-friendly at heart. The best chilli sauce in India is just like tiny bombs of fire which gives an amazing flavor to the most boring meal. There are different types of surprising uses of chillies which are as follows:

Weaponized Chillies: The chillies are highly useful in military technology. Chillies are also used in developing weapons and it can also be used to immobilize the enemy with the fiery powder of ghost pepper. It helps the soldiers to protect themselves in dangerous situations.

Agricultural Pesticide: There are many traditional solutions available for small animals, insects etc. which destroys the crops. The chilli paste are plastered on the fences which causes discomfort to the overdeveloped olfactory senses of the elephants and keep them cleared of the farmland.

Chillies for Protection: It is widely known that for personal protection, people used to carry pepper spray and these sprays are literally derived from the chilli peppers. The spray causes inflammation in eyes and nose as well as causes temporary blindness which lasts for 30-60 minutes. These pepper sprays are legally used for self- defense.

Chilli Balms: When after a long day of hard work, feel the aches and pains then by just applying the chilli paste to the painful areas gives an amazing relief.