Importance of a Learning Culture and the Managers Role in It|Infographic

There has been a lot said about a learning culture in the organization. Over the past few years the importance of learning in organizations has increased as companies prepare for the future of work. Skill gaps and reskilling has driven companies to drive learning as an initiative that directly resonates to organizational goal and not someone of the many fancy and rare events. But, the question today global talent mangers face is how to foster learning culture in organizations.

Learning is a time bound process and a dynamic one. It is much more than training seminars and workshops. It is more of a habit. The upskilling targets your daily deliverables at work. It is simple math that the learning should be in the habit. And when you go for talent management strategies towards learning managers have to be roped in the act.

If you ask global talent managers then they believe that managers need to pay a pivotal role in encouraging employee learning. The TMI Infographic for 2019 focusses on what roles do managers play ion fostering learning culture in an organizations. It sees the perspective of an employee and talent management professional and sheds light on what makes an employee stay longer in the company and keeps them motivated. One of the major takeaways is the manager’s role in creating a learning environment for the subordinate. 94% of the employees prefer to stay in a company that offers a career growth and 56% of them learn more if the manager recommends a course to improve skills.

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