Identifying the notable difference between THC and CBD vapes

Identifying the notable difference between THC and CBD vapes

Vaping has become a common term among smokers of every type. Whether you want to smoke a traditional cigarette or weed joint, vaping devices are replacing everything with new technology. It impacts softly on the lungs and also produces less number of toxins as compared to the cigarette. Releasing vapors instead of smoke is the main reason behind its popularity. For cannabis users, there are several variants available in the market with different flavors and intoxication levels. Basically, all of them are classified into two categories i.e. THC and CBD. Both of them are the liquid extracts of cannabis plant containing different properties. Scroll down to know the significant different and which ones suitable for you.

Vapes for casual users

If you are a casual smoker, a vaping device filled with THC is the best option to choose. Drug stores provide cartridges and refills of THC aka tetrahydrocannabinol. This fluid is meant for psychological impacts and promotes intoxication through the neurological way. A cannabinoid is the extract of marijuana plant that further classified in several categories. The user can choose THC extrach in amazing flavors and percentages of concentration. If you are a habitual consumer of marijuana, a higher degree of concentration is recommended.

How it works

When someone inhales THC through vape, the brain cell stimulates and releases dopamine. This is the main reason of feeling of euphoria after consumption. A person feels hallucinations for around 2 to 3 hours with intoxicating effect. After inhaling, it takes almost 10 to 30 minutes to respond back through the brain. Using it through a vape is safe because consumer knows the right degree of intoxicating content.

Risk factors

Like all other intoxicating products, marijuana has also some intoxication impacts on the body. Excessive consumption results in neurological disorder that remain permanent in some cases. Talking about the temporary impacts, short-term memory loss is a common issue that almost everyone experience. A person who consumes it on a regular basis as addiction also faces the problem of decreasing IQ level.

Vapes for medical purpose

The cannabis vaporizers are not only meant for casual intoxication purpose but they also act as great medicine. Cannabidiol or CBD is a vaping fluid especially meant for the medical purpose. It is also an extract of marijuana plant but has fewer intoxication ingredients. Physicians suggest the right way how to use davinci vaporizer with CBD for curing several diseases including cancer, anxiety, seizure and chronic body pain. Applying CBD oil on the skin can also heal acne problem in many cases. In sum up, it is an antiseptic ingredient that reduces a tumor and diabetic risk in humans.

Risk factors

Although CBD oil contains a very low amount of intoxicating compounds, still there are some side effects that you cannot avoid. Commonly diarrhea, appetite change & fatigue symptoms are noted in the patients consuming CBD for a long time.

While buying a davinci vaporizer cartridge, make sure that you selecting a right ingredient. The CBD fluid contains healing properties but cannot serve the purpose of getting high. Also, keep them away from the reach of children because vapes are smoother than smoking that can develops addiction.

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