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How to Keep Your Clients Engaged as Personal Trainer

As a new personal trainer, you might be excited about sharing your ideas with the client but pause. The Personal Trainer App Development or courses cannot help you if you don’t stop to consider 4 things about your clients:

  • Many of your clients have never been to the gym.
  • A lot of them are in the transition of behaviour/lifestyle changes.
  • Most of them have demanding jobs, families, and real life.
  • They truly do not care much about the training aspect of things.

These are the main reasons why personal trainers lose the client’s interest. If you keep these in mind, it will make half your work easier by gauging what you need to do.

The best thing you can do as a personal trainer for your client is to keep it simple.

Here is a glance at the 4 ways you can keep your clients engaged to your exercise instructions.

1. Take it down a notch. 

As a new personal trainer, it’s hard to get rid of all the excitement. But to actually tune the client into the session, tone it down a bit.

2. Let your clients do the work. 

Once you have instructed the client, let them safely get into the starting position, and give them the cues to start movement.

3. Just correct the technique.

Initially, don’t correct every little thing the first time the client wants to perform.

4. Build a rapport.

After the first few times, once your client has gelled enough with you to feel more comfortable, build a rapport.

These are the 4 most basic, simple ways to keep your clients engaged without any fitness trainer app. We have explored them with more depth here. Read our in-depth article about how to keep your clients engaged as a personal trainer.

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