How to create the perfect mobile app for your Fitness Centre

Mobile apps are influencing every sector around the globe. The fitness industry is not alien to these changes. In fact, more and more gym & fitness centre owners are turning to apps to tap into the sphere of mCommerce.

The DIY WooCommerce mobile app builder tools like AppMySite have further eased the process of converting websites into mobile apps. It has become easier and more affordable to get an app for your fitness centre with these tools. Undoubtedly, it is the best time to get a mobile app for your fitness store.

Studies state that huge number of smartphone users download an app related to health and fitness every minute. Read further to know how you can harness this possibility to promote your fitness brand and increase your consumer base.

Mobile app is a ‘must-have’ for fitness justify

Mobile apps can be a boon for fitness centres. Complementing your website with an app can aid your customer acquisition strategy and help you to run your justifysmoothly. There is more that you can do with mobile apps than just expanding your consumer base.

Let us explore few of the benefits and strategies in detail:

  • People who are fitness freaks are often tech-savvy and constantly look for help online
  • Millennials are biggest consumers in any industry today and are active app users too
  • Ensure ease for users by offering easy sign up and promotional updates through apps
  • Use apps to harness marketing strategy with push notifications, blogs, videos & more
  • Sell fitness merchandise and health supplements on apps to earn that extra revenue
  • Create communities where your consumers can connect and share ideas & experiences
  • Allow people to track their progress on apps and offer personalised reports & feedback

Create the perfect app for fitness freaks

AppMySite premium mobile app builder has all the features that you need to build a great app. Go through this step by step guide to build your own native app in no time:

1) Register & Sign Up: Open the website and enter your details to register and sign up. Enter the name, basic details and provide the link of your fitness website to convert it to app.

2) Design & Sync with website: Design the app icon, landing page, banners and more. Add the products, buttons, categories and pages. Retain the payment gateways and other data present on your website. Take help from the tool tips & tutorials for more clarity.

3) Leverage with Add-ons: AppMySite offers a wide range of addon products like White labelled solution, App Store Optimization and more. Avail these extra benefits to add more value to your app and your brand and boost overall success.

4) Preview & Publish: Once you are done, preview and test your app on a real device to get a first-hand experience of the app like a user. Once you are satisfied, go ahead and publish your app on Google Play Store &/or Apple App Store. AppMySite will notify you when your app review is processed by the store.

Claim your territory now

Create an app and get an edge over your competitors now. Tap into the world of mCommerce and taste success like never before.

Allure the gym and fitness freaks with a fully featured mobile app. Contact AppMySite to know more about the fascinating benefits of mobile apps and to create one. Get going!