Car immobiliser

How does car immobiliser work?


There are many things people do to protect their cars. They use car alarms, steering locks and many other different ways. But all of these are not as secure enough. The car thieves hack these systems very easily. The safest and latest technology introduce for car security is car immobiliser. You can fit into this system anywhere in your car. there is no tracking system for this device. So, it becomes impossible for anyone to track it.

How car immobiliser work?

It is the anti-theft system. You get a special Fob key after the installation of this system. It is not possible to start an engine without this key. The key is very unique. There is a chip present in a fob key. The password you set for the car is stored in that chip. So, if someone used a false key to start a car or enter a wrong password, your car will not start.

Know a day all the cars have built-in car immobiliser security system. It is must since 1998. If your car is old then this, means you need to contact a company to get it for your car. It is very easy to use these systems. In case of any issue related to the system, there is no need to get panic. Take to the company and they will check it for you.

As the password is 20 characters long, there is a possibility a person can forget it. In that case, you can easily change it on your own. The company that provide these services to you guide you about the process. another question many people ask is what if they lost their car key? There is no need to worry about it. Because it is not possible for anyone whether they use a duplicate key. You are the only one who knows the password.

Benefits of having car immobiliser

As we know, these days buying a car is not at all easy. People work so hard to buy one. It is not going to be pleasant feeling if you lost your car just because it is not secured enough. As you invest a good amount of money buying a car. Do not hesitate to spend a little more on the installation of a proper security system.

There are so many benefits of having a car immobiliser in your car.

  • You feel relax. You don’t have to worry about your car anymore. You get surety that it is safe. Also, because the PIN you set for your car is too long that no one can figure it out.
  • Investing for the security of your car financially benefits you too. You have to pay a small amount for the insurance. Because the insurance company know your car is well secured.
  • In-car immobiliser you have to enter a password, whenever you need to drive a car. after switching off a car, the same process goes on. Doesn’t matter you switch it off just as second before.

But just rely on security is not enough. A car owner must take safety measures too, like

  • Don’t leave the expensive stuff in your car. it draws the attention of many. The security system will protect your var without a doubt. But there is a possibility that your car will face damage. As someone tries to break in.
  • Always park your car in a proper parking spot. Don’t park it on a road just for the convenience that it is close to the place, you are going too.
  • Don’t ever leave your car when the engine is on. Not even for a second. Always turn off the engine and lock the door properly.