Henna Bio Tattoo Eyebrows: The Advantages of the Procedure

Natural in appearance, optimal in density, aesthetically and harmoniously designed eyebrows are not in vain considered a business card of a girl. Everyone dreams of having them, but nature has endowed only a few with such a gift. In pursuit of the gaze of dreams and eyebrow shaping Los Angeles CA girls try various methods and procedures, both active intervention, and with a purely cosmetic effect. Safe and even more beneficial for health is considered to be the henna eyebrow bio tattoo procedure. Among fans of beauty at home, she is gaining more and more popularity every year. And the reasons for this are the many advantages and benefits that you don’t have to go to a beauty salon for. What are they?

The positive aspects of staining and shaping eyebrows with henna are:

  • Absolute painlessness and safety for health. Unlike permanent makeup, henna does not penetrate deep into the epidemic, does not cause pain, redness, and swelling. The product is completely natural, as are coloring aids. Therefore, in the absence of an allergic reaction to henna, there are no obstacles to biotatuage;


  • A modern arsenal of dyeing products offers henna that tones exclusively eyebrow hairs themselves, as well as products that stain including skin. With the help of the first you can give the eyebrows shine of natural hair, color saturation and its smooth flowing from the head of the eyebrow to the tail. This is a great solution for girls who have not yet gotten their hands on self-correcting the shape of the eyebrows and do not want accidental blemishes when staining. The second variant of henna suggests the maximum result: filling in the gaps, giving the eyebrows the correct length and bend, the ability to permanently abandon the daily drawing of the desired length and shape;


  • For each type of henna, there is a smooth gradation of color from dark to light, making it easy to choose the right combination of shades just for your hair color and natural eyebrows. The secrets of “kneading” the right shade are not so complex as not to reproduce them at home;


  • Budgeting procedure. A full set of products and accessories (which, incidentally, will last a very, very long time) will not cause significant damage to the budget. Moreover, the procedure contributes to the healing, growth and strengthening of the eyebrows, so that coloring the eyebrows with henna you “kill two birds with one stone”, spending only one set of drugs. In addition, you do not pay for the services of the master and do not gain time to visit the salon, which again saves time and nerves;


  • No need for lengthy and expensive training. Unlike staining with paint and permanent make-up using special devices with needles, it is enough to remember or record for yourself the proportions of the used shades of henna and watch a training video from the manufacturer;


  • The most simple and pleasant care for the achieved result. You do not have to heal punctures, apply pain-relieving drugs. A smooth contour without sharp boundaries between the eyebrow and adjacent skin when stained with henna is obtained immediately, without shrinkage of the paint in the thickness of the epidermis;

  • The durability of the result and the ease of changing the image. If you correctly applied henna and followed all the recommendations during the procedure, a uniform shade will delight you up to 3-4 weeks. When the time comes to change the image, you will not need an expensive laser, but only a soft peeling and re-staining;


  • The ability to do the procedure at any time without being attached to a cycle or other circumstances. Henna doesn’t care whether you are expecting a baby or breastfeeding. The result will be ideal in any case, since the drugs do not penetrate the bloodstream and do not harm the body. Hormonal differences do not reduce the durability of the result.