Halo Split Shank Engagement Ring

Did you know that a Halo Split Shank Engagement ring says, “Will you marry me my love?” like nothing else?

“Okay so my long-time boyfriend just proposed to me. He said, ‘Will you marry me, my love?’ I said, ‘yes!’ I do notice that he slipped a ring with a beautiful ring of sparkling diamonds in halo form on my ring finger. Could you please tell me more about this?” Definitely, the ring your now fiancee slipped on your left ring finger is a halo split shank engagement ring. It is a unique type of engagement ring which stands in ‘a class of its own!’ This ring is explained in more detail below

What is a halo split shank engagement ring?

“Okay, so it’s great to know that the halo split shank engagement ring is unique in the class of engagement rings, but can you tell me exactly what it is” Here is the information you requested. These rings are generally made out of gold (white or yellow) and platinum. It features a huge diamond in the center (usually in an emerald cut shape) which is surrounded by rows of small diamonds. These diamonds grace downwards to the bridge of the ring. The diamonds are sparkly and shiny. They give a brilliant sparkle and have a beautiful luster when exposed to any type of light – either artificial light or natural Sunlight. Generally speaking, the diamonds found in these types of rings are pave diamonds.



The split shank nature of these engagement rings make them look larger, more glamorous, and more ornate than they really are. Halo split shank engagement ring styles are generally seen in older engagement rings, or in newer engagement rings made in vintage style. Many brides prefer these rings partly because of their larger appearance – after all, any new bride wants to sport off as large and ornate of an engagement ring as she possibly can before, during, and after the ‘big day!’

Why are these rings so popular with modern brides?

“I would love to know what the big deal with these rings is. After all, isn’t a plain engagement ring beautiful and nice by itself?” To answer your question, these rings are so popular with today’s brides because of the following beneficial features:

  • They offer a balanced setting for all stones on the ring. This may not matter as much for a simple and plain solitaire ring, but it makes a huge difference if the ring is an older or of an elaborate make and model. These types of engagement rings tend to have clumps of stones which are arranged together in a lopsided or awkward manner on either side. Additionally, some of these rings have main stones which are too heavy. They look strange and awkward on their wearers’ fingers, and since brides hate to be humiliated, they want these rings to be modified (if possible) immediately!
  • These rings have a split which creates the appearance of a split between the ring and the ring finger and pinky. This creates a unique appearance and makes the bride’s finger glow and sparkle, because remember that the diamonds on these rings are sparkly and shiny!
  • Out of all of the designs which engagement ring designers use, the halo split shank style is one of the most popular because it makes small diamonds appear much larger. It also gives these diamonds an elegant and surreal appearance. Furthermore, the design gives special emphasis to the main stone which is larger than the surrounding stones. This is true regardless of how small the small diamonds are (some of these diamonds are so small they literally look like diamond dust!) The reflection of the diamond band(s) on the main stone will make it look larger, more glamorous, and more regal! Any bride desires that!
  • The design is unique and this is what makes this type of ring ‘stand out from the crowd!’. All brides want their special ring to stand out because this helps them stand out and feel special.
  • The Halo split shank design is flexible. It comes in many variations of the main design which brides love. Jewelry is all about expressing the creativity and personality of its wearer through innovative and unique designs, metals, gemstones, and colors. The main stone can be fashioned in any shape imaginable. Brides want to wear an engagement ring which they know is ‘one-of-a-kind!’ The Halo split shank design offers them this option.

“Wow, I had no idea all of this was really true about halo split shank engagement rings! I now know that my fiance truly loves me because he gave me a ring which is unique – no other version of this ring exists – and expresses my zany and creative personality. I am really happy!”