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The data science industry has witnessed exponential growth in the last couple of years. It has become a massive industry and topic for trends and conversations. There is a vast requirement of professionals in Data Science. However, not many people know precisely what Data Science is. Without further ado, let’s elaborate on:

Data Science Course in Bangalore



The term Data Science has emerged from the evolution of big data, mathematical statistics, and data analysis. Data Science, in simple terms, can be explained as the art of obtaining and procuring useful information and knowledge from structured or unstructured data. However, no definition is big enough actually to capture the essence of data science. The growth and changes in the field are so fast that it is difficult to keep up with the pace of it all and bound the term in just a few words.


Data Science is a mix of various tools, techniques, principles of machine learning, algorithms that come together in order to discover the unknown patterns from all the gathered data. It is not just bound to a single area of development, and you’ll see the use of it in every aspect of growth and development. The discoveries made by using data science are used in various domains, from marketing, sales, insurance, automation, healthcare, travel to social media, insurance, and credit. It is said to be the future of artificial intelligence. Let’s get into it a little bit deeper and look at the future prospect of the industry.



Earlier, the problem with immense data was to figure out a way of storing it; now that we have gotten that out of our way, there is a requirement of expertise regarding the use and application of the stored data. Hence, the profession of Data Scientist came into the light. Today, most of the data is either unstructured or semi-structured which cannot be handled by using simple tools and applications. Data is everywhere and is expanding at such a rate that it is going to be difficult to get a hold of it without the knowledge of data science. The knowledge of data science will allow you to deal with matters that are business-critical as well as the ones which require complex solutions, opening a whole new world in front of your eyes every time you solve a problem. However, the demand for data scientists is already much higher than ever before and it will keep on rising as people understand the importance of it.

Data Science Online Course in Bangalore

According to IBM, there is a predicted increase in the data science job openings from 364,000 to 2,720,000. These days nearly every company wants to hire a data scientist, and the shortage of these professionals is critical. In India alone, there will be an intense shortage of data scientist in the near future that is mainly because of the lack of curriculum which offers training in the various skills necessary to become a data scientist. However, this is bound to change with the growing importance and spreading need for one, as there are a number of Data Science Course these days that offer data science training to people from quantitative background or software background to become a data scientist. There is a certain set of skills anyone can accumulate to flourish as a well-versed data science professional in the industry.



As the demand for data science grows, the field offers promising career opportunities for students and existing professionals. Which makes one curious as to what all it takes to become one.


If you wish to be a data scientist, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in Physical science, Computer science, Statistics, or Social science. A degree in any of the mentioned courses will provide you with the skills you will be needing to analyze and process a large stream of data with utmost efficiency and precision.


However, most data scientists also have a Master’s and/or a Ph.D. Apart from your classroom training, there are some technical skills that you can learn from any Data Scientist course in order to have extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the subject.


The technical skills that one needs to have are listed below:

  1. Programming: Programming languages like Perl, Python, Java, SQL, and C/C++ — are required in data science with Python being the most prevalent coding language required in data science roles. Knowledge of these languages will help you a lot while dealing with unstructured data.


  1. Other Analytical Tools and Sas: Spark, R, SAS, Hive, Hadoop, and Pig are the most popular data analytical tools that data scientists use. Data Science Course provides you with certifications that will help you in offering your expertise in using these analytical tools.


  1. Unstructured Data: It is essential for you as a data scientist to be able to handle and manage the unstructured data. Unstructured data is the data that does not fit into any particular kind of database table. Examples include blog posts, videos, social media posts, customer reviews, audio, video feeds,  Therefore sorting this type of data becomes extremely difficult, and working with unstructured data helps you predict things that one might not have found otherwise.



Now, it is fair to say that data scientists are going to be the ones shaping the future of our world. As growing amounts of data become available, giant tech companies are not going to be the only ones in need of data scientists. Whether you work in marketing, finance, media, healthcare, or finance, data science is going to play a huge role in moving forward. The increasing demand for data scientists across industries, big and small, is being questioned by a lack of fitted candidates available to fill the unoccupied positions. As long as data keeps on growing and data science keeps on evolving and coming up with different discoveries, it is for sure going to completely revolutionize the way of how we glance at the world around.