Why the Earnings Date for Netflix Holds Such Significance?

An earnings date is an official announcement or an official public statement of a company’s profitability over a stipulated time period like in a given year. This statement is made on a particular date during the earnings season. The companies leading over the announcement, are considered as profitable companies and they feel curiosity amongst the investors for making their upcoming investments. One of the awaited earnings ate is that of the earnings nflx. The stock price of the company in the market catches up the height after once the earnings date is announced.

Quarterly earnings nflx :-

Quarter End
Per Share
EPS* Forecast
Sep2018 10/01/2018 0.89 0.68 30.88
Jun2018 07/31/2018 0.85 0.8
Mar2018 04/01/2018 0.64 0.63
Dec2017 01/01/2018 0.41 0.41

Netflix is exhibiting an accelerating growth with the rapid expansion of the company. The streaming revenue has been increased by 36 percent in the third quarter from a year earlier. The international revenue was down $90 million due to year-over-year impact from currency, yet earnings of nflx displayed a considerable growth. The company is planning to add 9.4 million net subscribers during the fourth quarter and will only give guidance to paid membership subscription ads, starting with its earnings report in January 2019. It is also projected to include graphs to show its growth trajectory. It will probably, stop including end-of-quarter free trial subscriber numbers in the reports, in 2020.

The Analysts estimate on the earnings date:

Analysts use discounted cash flows model or DCF, the management guidance and other fundamental information on the company to derive an EPS estimate. The future free cash flow projections are used as a supporting kit by DCF analysts to operate on a given annual rate and land over a current value estimate. The case is concrete when the value achieved via DCF analysis is higher than the current cost of the investment. The Analysts can be quite diplomatic for this case and consistently go up and down artificially inflating the share price market.

The qualitative earnings information is the factor or point that makes the information provided in financial statements more useful to the users. It facilitates economic decisions and economic reformation with certain characteristics or normative standards.

An analyst gives an earnings estimate for a company’s future quarterly or annual earnings per share (EPS).According to the latest occurring from few quarters and the stated facts and figures, it is revealed that analysts are not always able to extract the full qualitative earnings information.

Analysts from Morgan StanleyGoldman Sachs and Raymond Jamescut their price targets on Netflix ahead of its earnings report. This can be due to several factors like strength of the dollar, rising interest rates and increasing expenses for the company. However, Netflix still enjoys more than 80 percent of the shares, this year. But with increasing number of people opting for YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and HBO, by cutting off with their traditional TV cable providers, we can see an overall increase in the earnings of nflx and other top services, by the end of the year.


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