Web Development

Do Web Development Has Important Role In Online Communication And Interaction?

The process involved in developing a website is known as web development. A website is a source of advertisement of all kind of information related to an organization like selling products, customer services, policies etc. Now a day it is possible to develop an interactive and dynamic website with innovative tools and technologies. The dramatic increase in the transformation of information has been made possible via a website. The web development service in Doha, Qatar offers many opportunities to decentralize the information by developers. The non designing aspects of a website like writing mark up and coding are included in web development. Web development plays important role for the promotion of electronic business and social networking. Generally web engineering, web content development, website designing, web server, network security and E –Commerce development are included in this category. By using the basic technical skills, it is easily possible to make changes in content via content management services. Usually web developers use Agile methodologies and multiple software for the development of website. The software company in Doha, Qatar uses BerkeleyDB, GlassFish, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack and Perl/Plack as open source tools for the development of website. However, the cost has been reduced very much by the application of these sources. WYSIWYG web-development software (Adobe Dreamweaver, BlueGriffon and Microsoft Visual Studio) is editing software that allows the editing of the printed web content. The web development service in Doha, Qatar uses HyperText Markup Language (HTML) as programming language for these sotwares. Even web applications like WordPress and Movable Type create blogs for websites. In order to identify missing requirements, gaps or errors it is necessary to perform testing of a developed website. SQL injection is a code injection technique for security consideration. The software company in Doha, Qatar uses ASP, JSP, PHP, Python, Perl or Ruby as scripting languages foe web development. Server Port Hardening protects a web server from intrusions. In order to protect from internet fraud like hiding any type of information or providing incorrect piece of information TSL certificates are issued by certified authorities. Usually, encryption reduces these chances while transmitting, altering or storing any sensitive or specific information. The new security tools have made web development more reliable for both small and large scale businesses.

There are three basic types of web development that are as follow:

  • Front end web development involves conversion of data into graphical interface via the application of CSS, Java Script and HTML.
  • Full stack web development involves a stack of software needed to create a platform in such a way that it runs without the application of any additional software.
  • Back end development involves the use of servers.

It is necessary for a successful website to have following attractive features:

  • Attractive Web design
  • Informative architecture
  • Easy to browse
  • Copy editing enable
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Search engine optimization
  • Personal networking and marketing through social media platforms
  • Web maintenance
  • Engaging website