Details About Pear Shaped Loose Diamonds

When it comes to pear shaped loose diamonds, these are quite often called teardrop diamonds and is technical, an evolved version of the famous and also standard round brilliant cut. Another important cut that closely resembles the pear shaped diamond would be the Marquise cut.

Both of these important cuts are known for having same small and fine facets. Small facets generally make these important cuts highly efficient when it comes to hiding flaws and impurities that a diamond might inherently have. While round a brilliant cut is the good when it comes to sparkle and brightness, pear shaped loose diamonds don’t lag far behind, especially if cut is performed on higher quality round diamond.

Pear shaped diamonds have certain unique features. They have also single pointed end and this is the only existing and still used diamond cut to have such important feature. Besides, sharp corners also lead to surface damage and also symmetrical flaws. Meanwhile, when this difficult cut is certain obtained perfectly. Besides, sharp corner also lead to surface damage and symmetrical flaws.

When it comes to pear shaped diamonds, these are mainly used for earrings, especially the Indian style earrings or the dangling earrings. Besides, it is also used for necklace pendants where the diamond is used as a dangling piece.

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