Design challenges that will improve your skills

There are a lot of challenges that can improve and sharpen your design skills. Some of them are: Adding conceptual design to your portfolio, advertising your skills and blog about your experience. They key thing is to keep sharpening your skills continuously. Once you’ve decided to sharpen your skills, the next step is to look at the tips that can help you.

  • Build something new

This is a startup challenge where you try to build something new. Trying out new layout design, experimenting with the design interface, scrolling interface, and a three column site. A full responsive background image with right positioning is a must. In accordance with building something new, you can try CSS modules and techniques you haven’t used before without worrying about issues like cross-browser compatibility etc.

  • Working with colors

Building a site with the color scheme is what every designer aims for. When designing with colors make sure you use bright and bold colors. The colors you use in web design conveys the design and highlight the most important sections in your design. Bright colors tend to grab user’s attention. Use of attractive colors may create visually stunning design high color contrast or use calmer color is totally up to your choice. You can even use black and white and make it work on your design.

  • Take points from a complicated layout

The challenge is all about Do it yourself. If you find a site that looks appealing to you and you think you’d want a same website like that, you don’t have to copy someone’s site exactly. You can take points from the site and you can build your own site from scratch and implement those tips on your site. You can create a fancy site by looking at other websites and figure out how you manage CSS and HTML. The layout is important for any website as it gives structure and purpose to your design.

  • Trying out new methods

One good tip to sharpen your skills is to try new methodologies every now and then. Try aiming higher than what you normally do. This way you’ll stay updates with the latest tips and trends and will eagerly try out these methods. As a result, this will urge you to work better and reach your goals.

  • Check online tutorials

If you’re looking for techniques, why don’t you follow tutorial? Tutorials will help you learn new techniques that can be applied to your design. Tutorials can be beneficial and if you find a good, informative tutorial you can surely learn new design skills.

  • Read design blogs

Reading design blogs can be inspirational and resourceful. By reading your knowledge for designing will keep on increasing and will help you create a flare inside you. You will be able to find tips and fill your mind with ideas that will help you encourage more to do designing.

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Morison M. Miller is a web /UX designer and blogger. He’s an expert in digital marketing, SEO and brand promotion. He is an expert and has helped many businesses increase their traffic and improve ROI. Currently, he is working as a Marketing Head at Web Design Company in Singapore.

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