Why is data visualization important for data analytics?


Data visualization refers to the art of representing data or more accurately the insights begotten by analysing the data. Before we discuss further about the importance of data visualization, let us understand how data analytics works.

The analytics workflow and its necessity

An increasing number of companies across different industries are dependent on data analytics for decision making. This has a very simple reason. The number of companies providing similar services has grown in tandem with the number of consumers. The market is replete with choices for the consumers hence the competition is fierce. There is a risk of losing customers at every step. So the companies use data driven insights to modify their products and services and thus try to reduce the risk factor. The whole process of gathering, cleaning and analysing data is generally referred to as data analytics. Analysis happens in three steps.

  • Data collection is the first step. This data can be collected from the organizations’ transaction logs or from various platforms where customers create textual or transactional data.
  • Next step is usually data cleansing. This means segregating relevant data for a certain purpose.
  • Then comes analysing the data by putting it through certain models and algorithms.
  • Data visualization comes in the end. This means representing the analysis results through pictures, tables charts and graphs.

Why is visualization needed?

It is time to return to the original question about data visualization. We must remember that the key function of analytics is creating actionable insights. A data analytics cannot work alone, she has to create a communicative platform with the other sections of the company. The inferences made by the analyst have to be agreed upon by the company executives. Otherwise the whole process becomes meaningless. Data visualization creates this communicative platform shared by the analyst and the stakeholders.

Tableau as a data visualization tool

Tableau has come to be regarded as one of the most efficient tools for data visualization. Whether you are a business analyst or a data scientist you have to perform data visualization at some point and Tableau can be your best friend at that. You can load data on tableau from various sources and organize them with tables, different charts and graphs. Representing data is an art in itself and Tableau is your ideal canvas.

Being well versed with Tableau can help you out in many ways. First of all it allows you the freedom to choose from a wide array of visualization apparatuses. Secondly it is so easy to handle that the non-technical professionals can easily interact with the visualization. The simplicity it offers has made it a steeple choice for companies across different industries.

Your representation of the data speaks for your analytical skills, so you want to make sure that it influences the stakeholders as much as it should. It can become a real weapon for you. You can go for a Tableau course and learn all the tricks and techniques of using it to the fullest.

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