How to Clean and Maintain a Swimming Pool

Summer is almost here. Swimming is the best way to fight the scorching heat. Kids and adults equally love to spend time in a swimming pool. Nowadays it is common to find swimming pools in houses. People can hire construction workers to build the dream pool for their home.

Although it is a lot of fun to swim in the pool, it is equally important to keep a pool clean. Most of the people forget to maintain their pool, and it can lead to unnecessary expenditure. The water can also get dirty and cause many kinds of diseases.

Let us look at how to clean and maintain a swimming pool.

Know about the parts of a pool

It is essential to know about the parts and components of a pool. When the builders construct the pool at your place, ask them for all the necessary information regarding the pool. They will tell you about the purpose and functioning of different parts.

If you do not have adequate knowledge, you will not be able to know if there is something wrong. You may not be able to notice a problem at the right time, and it can turn into a big issue. If you think something is wrong, act immediately to solve the problem.

Check the water level

You should regularly keep a check on the water level of your pool. There is a part called pool skimmer in your pool. The water level should always be at the center of the pool skimmer. It will help in proper working and efficiency. ONGA pumps Brisbane have the best pumps which you can use to fill up your pool.

If the water level is lower than usual, the pump will become dry and can burn. If the water level is very high, the skimmer will not work correctly, and your pool will become dirty. The water will have dirt, debris, etc. It can affect the health of kids and adults.

Regular check the chemistry of water

It is essential to check the water chemistry at least once or twice during the week. The pH level tells us about the chemistry of the water. It shows how basic or acidic is the water inside the pool. The pH level should be between seven and eight.

The chlorine will do its job correctly at the right pH level. If the pH rises above norma, chorine will not do its regular work. As a result, people start putting more and more chlorine. It can be dangerous as chlorine has a lot of effect on the human body and skin. It is advisable to keep the chemistry regular so that a low amount of chlorine is needed.

Regularly clean the pool skimmer

The skimmer is a device at the side of the pool. A lot of dust, waste and other contaminants absorb with the water and float towards the pool’s bottom. The main work of the skimmer is skimming the pollutants and waste materials off the surface of the water before they dissolve in it.

The water level should always be right for the skimmer to work correctly. Also, remember to open the skimmer basket and clean it up regularly. It should not overload with waste at any moment. Keep it as clean as possible for maximum efficiency.

Regularly maintain the chlorine generator

In a modern salt-system pool, there is no need to add chlorine. These pools have a chlorine generator that produces chlorine when needed. There is no need to buy and store chlorine. It is a great thing because chlorine can have various effects on your health.

It is an expensive process and takes a lot of maintenance. For its proper functioning, it is essential to maintain the chemistry of your pool. The generator should also be in good condition to work efficiently. Outdoor pools Perth will provide you with the best services and help you maintain your pool.

Regularly check the pool filters

The pool filter is one of the most crucial parts of your pool. It makes sure that there is a proper supply of water in the pool. It also makes sure that the water is clean. It filters the water before letting it flow inside the pool.

The pool filter needs regular maintenance. You should check it regularly and clean it thoroughly once every two months. Uninstall the filter and clean it properly. Let it dry completely before installing it again. It will make sure your pool stays clean and healthy.


Everyone loves to swim in the pool and fight the heat. However, it is equally important to keep the pool clean and healthy. You can do it yourself, or you can call professionals to do it for you. In the above article, we read about how to clean and maintain a pool. So make sure the water stays healthy, and the parts of the pool work correctly.