Choosing the Right Pair of Boxing Gloves

For a professional boxer, choosing gloves is not a tricky thing. The person will have experience in the ring and will know the weight, material, types, and sizes that work best for them.

But as a beginner, buying your first boxing glove can be challenging, especially if you don’t have much guidance from a professional. The task turns even more trickery if you are shopping online.

So, if you plan to buy a boxing glove for the first time, read this post carefully. It will share all the detail and the aspects of the gloves that you need to check before you purchase a boxing glove.

  1. Glove Type

Any popular boxing gloves Brisbane store will offer you five different types of gloves that you can choose. Here’s a list of them all.

  • Bag Gloves

Bags gloves are suitable for heavy training purposes where you might need to punch heavy training bags. The gloves come with a protective layering that protects your knuckles from the high impact of the sandbags punches. They are further available in two variant- classic and modern.

Both variants are suitable, but its best to go for modern bag gloves as the classic version lacks wrist support, increasing possibilities of injuries.

  • Sparring Gloves

If you are planning to train with a partner, sparring gloves are the right choice. These gloves have a soft and padded structure that protects both you and your partner from any major injury. They are also a bit heavier than usual boxing gloves, which makes them perfect for improving stamina and fight techniques.

  • Training Gloves

If you are just getting into boxing and will be spending most of your time in developing skills, go for training gloves. They come with moderate padding and weight, which makes them perfect for hitting bags, mitts training, sparring, and all other tasks. However, they are not specialized for anything, and you might need to change them after reaching a specific hit force and skill level.

  • Cardio Gloves

Cardio gloves are specialized for hitting the bags or mitts. The gloves offer thick padding that can take substantial impacts. They usually don’t cover the whole hand, just the parts like knuckles and hand dorsal that face the heavy hits, allowing you more freehand movements. However, the gloves cannot take hits of a real fight, so avoid them for matches.

  • Pro Gloves

The only purpose of pro gloves it’s to hit. They are developed with compact surface areas and smaller padding, making them ideal for takedown matches. But they are not for training, so they are usable only for main fights and you most probably won’t need them in the initial training.

  1. Glove Size And Weight

The size and weight of the gloves will have a direct impact on the impact absorption and speed of your moves. For instance, if you choose a heavy glove, you will get more padding, which will protect your hand, but it will need more force to move it, which will decrease your punch speed.

For training purposes, it’s better to go for heavy variants as they will help to develop stamina and speed. As for the size, you can simply use a measuring tape to find the circumference of your hand near the knuckle area.

  1. Material Of Gloves

The boxing gloves need to be sturdy, wear-resistant, and long life. Therefore, the manufacturers are cautious about the stuff they use for making them. You will find them only in two material types- vinyl and leather, both with their pros and cons.

For example, the vinyl variant offers multiple color choices, while leather is limited in that category. Similarly, leather, whether it’s artificial or natural, will provide you with much more durable than vinyl. The leather gloves also offer better impact, durability, wear resistance.

In this case, leather is a clear better but it expensive and you should buy it only after developing some skills.

  1. Glove Fastener

The boxing gloves usually come with two different variants of fasteners that you can use to lock them on your hand-Lace up and Velcro.

Lace-Up: lace-up is a traditional glove fastener design that uses lace to hold the gloves in its place. It offers you a firm and secure grip, which is beneficial, but you will need someone else to tie/untie them.  They are not ideal if you plan to train alone.

Velcro: Velcro is the most popular boxing glove fastener right now. It uses an easy to lock and remove pads that save time and don’t need any assistance.

  1. Brand

Most of the beginner tends to avoid going for branded gloves, which is not the right choice. You should always choose gloves from known dealers and brands as they always provide better quality.

Brands also use a specified measuring system that ensures you get the exact size you need, especially if you are buying online. So, find the best brands and go with them, it doesn’t have to be a huge and expensive brand, but it has to a recommended one.

Wrapping Up

Apart from these common aspects, you should also pay attention to the glove color of your gloves as it will have an impact on its visibility during matches. Light colors are high profile and work best for training, while red has low visibility that required during matches.

Hope, this data will help you to find the perfect pair of boxing gloves. Good luck, boxing.