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Breathtaking Places You Can See in New Mexico By Car ONLY!

Are you going to New Mexico? You have so many questions and try to find answers. Even if you are an experienced traveler and have already visited many countries, cities, places, Albuquerque has own distinctive nature. Is there anything special you should know? If you are planning to travel without a car, you may have problems with transportation in New Mexico. Exotic car rental in Albuquerque will help to get to ABQ BioPark, Rio Grande Botanical Gardens, and the viewiest air show – Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

Once a Ranch, Grafton Ghost Town 4-14


Is it possible to travel in New Mexico without a rental car?

Traveling in California, or somewhere else in the USA within the frame of one city, you can use public transport. But if you want to go to New Mexico you should think of your comfortable transportation. Rental car in Albuquerque is the best variant. The reason for this is that there isn’t any “public transport” as you know it. You can travel through the city, but you can’t go out of it. If you are not a good driver, the only choice you have besides learning to drive right now is to join in the city tour.

2013 October 05,Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta



  1. Visit Balloon Fiesta

Are you fond of hot air ballooning? Visit Albuquerque in October! You can see hundreds of balloons and thousands of people coming to see them. It is called the Balloon Fiesta. It lasts for a week and can be seen from everywhere in the city. How do you get to the highest spot of Albuquerque? You need a car. Balloon Fiesta is a popular event and you can find more information about it from the tourist brochures and travel agencies.

  1. Go to Ghost Rancho

This is the most dramatic place you can find in New Mexico. What a beauty! The sceneries are filled with red and yellow cliffs, vast skies, and interesting activities. If you are not going to admire the beautiful sceneries only, you can go hiking, riding a horse, or kayaking.

  1. Go to Caldera Valleys

Have you ever seen a real volcano? Caldera is one of three most popular volcanoes in the USA. This is a heart of the country. It is situated in the territory of National Preserve in New Mexico and known of its high valleys and elk herds.

  1. Visit Tent Rocks

As you can find out from the name, this is a place where you can see variety of cone-shaped rocks of all sizes. The view is really breathtaking and this is the best landscape for selfies. The unique formation is the National Monument of the country that was created about 6 million years ago. You will never regret if you come here with your friends or family.

Rio Grande Gorge, near Taos, NM


  1. Visit Taos Gorge

It’s so silly to visit New Mexico and don’t see a legendary river Rio Grande. Taos Gorge Bridge is one of five highest bridges in America. How do you think, is this a good place for picturing? Don’t forget about the car to get there.

  1. Go to Blue Hole

Jump into your rental car and go to Santa Rosa to see the Blue Hole! This natural pool is deep and always clear. That’s why people come here to dive and swim. You can rent a large car to take your own diving equipment or rent it here.

  1. Visit Bosque Del Apache

Do you want to watch birds and enjoy wildlife? Do you want to take photos of Arctic geese, cranes, and many kinds of ducks? You should spend a day and visit Bosque Del Apache. The best time to watch ducks is autumn and early winter. If these spectacular nature views are enough, you can come at any given time.

  1. Go to Shiprocks

Go 50 miles from Albuquerque. Shiprock Peak is the highest mountain in the desert land. It is interesting to know that this mountain is a sacred place for locals. If you are not interested in history, you can try hiking, climbing, or just picturing the landscapes. Keep in mind that you need a special permit from the Navajo Nation to climb here.

Barber Peak (Navajo Volcanic Field, northwestern New Mexico, USA)


  1. Go to Elena Gallegos Open Space

Go to the East city border. You can see Elena Gallegos Open Space. This is a huge park in the Sandia Mountains. Definitely, this is the best place for hiking, biking, picnicking. The space is laced with numerous hiking trails, connecting with one another. They get you deep into the forest. If you have time to stay for the whole day, you can see the stunning sunset.

Albuquerque is not a city for shopping or business. Of course, you can find many shops and offices here. But people come here to take a new adventure and get some aesthetic enjoyment. Have you ever seen the Andromeda Galaxy or Orion? Here, you can see the most beautiful countryside and even more!