Breathtaking Kitchen Trends that are Going to Rule in 2019!

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“To check out some amazing kitchen trends that are going to stay this year, kindly give this blog a good read”.

With the New Year, you must be really excited to give your house the much-awaited makeover! What? Do not have a budget to give a fresh look to the entire house? Then, pick up the heart of the house – your kitchen and give it a new look. Come on! It deserves to be pampered once in a while because of the usage. Now you must be wondering about the top kitchen trends. In 2018, we all have witnessed quite a few trends such as two-toned kitchen cabinetry, banquette-style seating arrangements, etc.

2019 has something new in store. I spoke to some popular kitchen fitters St Neots and they have talked about the following new designs. To know about them, kindly keep scrolling down.

Clever Storage

The first thing that would rule this year is clever storage options. People love maximized storage and thus, kitchen designers in St Neots would focus on it this year. If you talk to your kitchen fitter, you will get multiple options for optimized storage facilities. Open shelving would also take the market by storm and trust me; it is a great idea for average sized and small kitchens. It would make your kitchen look much more spacious and cool.

Vintage Vibe

Now, this is something that has been there for quite a few years and it is going to stay. Yes, you are right – I am talking about the oh-so-gorgeous vintage vibes. You can never go wrong with them!

Pops of Colours

We all like splashes of colours here and there in our interiors, right? We have seen how white kitchens have ruled the kitchen interior trends for so many years. But in 2019, things will change to some extent because kitchen designers have come up with the fresh concept of adding pops of hues here and there. It would help in breaking the monotonous and monochrome scheme and would make your kitchen look even lovelier. The possibilities are endless and if you ask me, then I would suggest you go for uncommon hues such as olive tones, dark blue colours, etc for breaking the boredom of an all-white kitchen.

Pendant Lights

We all have witnessed the rule of recessed lights in the heart of the house. You can still go for them but yes, if you want something trending, then I would suggest you go for the beautiful pendant lights. It would certainly add a classy and unique touch to your kitchen.

Contrasting Textures

Another trend which is in this year is the combination of an array of textures. Textures are common in bathrooms as well. If you do not believe me, then you can talk to your bathroom fitters St Neots.

Combining mirrored backsplashes with polished and beautiful marble countertops would make your ordinary kitchen look enviable. For the extra glamorous vibe, get cupboards with bronze inlays! Trust me it would surely make your guests jealous of your kitchen interiors.

Metallic Colours

If you love those bold metallic nail polishes and the wall arts with a metallic finish, then this is surely your cuppa! In 2019, kitchen designs would watch the metallic colour trend evolve like never before. Most people will opt for metallic accent colour. Golden and copper ones would be the best pick when it comes to hues. It would surely be a style statement. You can pick these metallic accents for taps, faucets, handles of cabinets, etc.

Tall Backsplashes

Oh! Think about super tall backsplashes – gorgeous and extravagant, isn’t it? Now get it done in your kitchen by the best fitters in town. Trust me, you wouldn’t regret.

So, these are the top kitchen trends for 2019. I hope that now that you know it all, you will give your kitchen a makeover soon! What are you waiting for? Call the best and the most reliable kitchen fitters in St Neots now.

Author Bio: Julia is an interior designer and works closely with kitchen and bathroom fitters St Neots. To know about kitchen designers St Neots, read her articles and blogs.

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